Times sports Community


Schools that are well connected to their communities, sports clubs and the sport sector can provide a greater variety of quality sport opportunities for students, as well as ongoing participation in sport.

Times school sports expertise typically lies outside the school gates – accessing this resource while making sure that providers understand and cater for the needs of schools and students is critical.

Benefits to students with the sports community

Times students:

Become aware of the variety of sports available to them, learn how to join community sports clubs and regularly participate in them.

Make new friends and develop skills enabling lifelong participation

Develop talent and progress in their sport

Increase confidence to pursue sport after leaving school

Have access to quality training (coaches and facilities)

Have more opportunities to develop both as players and leaders. 

Event registrations

Times school capable for ensuring that it meets the entry requirements for the inter-school competitions & Intra school competitions; typically this is organised by Sports community. School has full aware and  responsibilities in regards to event entry deadlines, result notification, award nominations, payments, registrations, and conduct of those attending.

Times sports trips

There are many opportunities for times students to play away from school. The annual programme of sports trips are conducted end of the year so that interruptions to student classroom study are factored in.

Sports trips may involve inter-school exchanges,Interschool tournaments,Intra school tournaments,District,state level tournaments,International level tournaments.


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