Faculty Co-Ordinators:

KG       : Mrs.Achutha

Grade I to Grade III :  Mrs.Kavitha

Grade IV & Grade V :  Ms.Karolin Vasanthakumari

Grade VI to Grade X :  Mrs.Jothirani

Extra Curriculum Co-Ordinator :


Science Club : Mrs.Vaishnavi

President : Sudharsan

Secretary : Pranesh

Treasury: Ragunandhan

Math Club : Ms.Karolin Vasanthakumari

President : K.Masilamani

Secretary : B.Harimiruthula

Treasury:  K.Adarsh Myialsamy

Eco Club: Mrs.Bharathipriya

President: Adithya Sivam

Secretary : Mohammad Rasul

Literature Club : Mrs.Jothirani

President : B.Harimiruthula

Secretary : S.Paramshwaran

Treasury : Prenavi


We Strongly Believe in

“Great Schools Built on Great Teachers  Not  Great Buildings”  

Hello !

I am  Vaishnavi TIMES’s 6th grade science teacher! I have 2 years educational experience .I feel students who chose Practical learning have different needs and expectations. At TIMES, students are able to learn at their own pace while getting the individualized attention they need from their teachers and support from their peers. My students are building friendships with other  graders also. I previously taught a combined 4th/5th grade elementary class in  this school.

Hi I am Parimala devi !

I am so excited to be teaching grade 4 Math and Science.I enjoy working with students and am passionate about mathematics.

I am elated for an opportunity to serve and support students in such a distinctive platform. As an Elementary school Teacher   for Times I am privileged to connect students in a safe learning environment while promoting critical thinking and affording students to discover and learn in their own academic environment.

Thank you.

Hello! I am Radha.

I am Teaching  for the elementary grades. I have been in education 3 years. This is my first year with TIMES and have chosen online teaching because it allows me to work with children and families across the school, while providing a safe, exciting environment, using the latest technology skills children will use for a lifetime!

Hi I am Muniyasamy.

I enjoy being active in my children lives and their sports. I enjoy bike rides and hiking Mountaineering I have been a football and track coach for the past 10  years. I  instills qualities of time management, responsibility, and accountability. All skills and traits that students will carry with them past their time at TIMES.


Hi I am Subhasri

After several years teaching , I am now at TIMES teaching 7th and 8th grade Language Arts & Crafts.  I love teaching at TIMES because the technology allows us to try new things and I get to teach students all platforms. I’ve been with TIMES for four years now and I love learning and using new technology tools and making learning fun and exciting for students.

Hi I am Jothimani.

I teach first grade. I have been with TIMES for over a year and can’t imagine teaching anywhere else!  My goal is for my students to wake up excited to come to “our” classroom to see what adventures are in store for the day! I wanted a new teaching experience. The great thing about the school that you go to is that you can do it anywhere there is a Teacher to caring of.

Hi I am Revathi.

Hello! I am the 2nd grade teacher here at TIMES. I have been teaching for 2 years .  I love teaching at TIMES because our students come from so many different areas and walks of life.I like teaching at TIMES because of the great experience that we as a group can provide for our students with making their learning a success.

Hi I am Vidhya Varalakshmi.A

Second Grade Teacher.

I have the opportunity to reach students with a variety of backgrounds across the state using some of the latest technology and teaching tools; it’s truly something new everyday!. I love teaching at Times because it is a challenge, each day is different, and I love helping students learn and become productive citizens of tomorrow!

Hi I am Karoline Vasanthakumari. I

Grade 4

I have been teaching for 3 years. I decided to teach in an Practical learning environment because it is state of art and it allows me the flexibility to use creativity to help students learn in a way that is not only innovative but also allows for 21st century skills. I am very excited to be apart of the TIMES family!

Hi Iam Karthikeyani.D.

Grade 5

Hi!! I am 5 th grade teacher here at TIMES! This is my 5th year in education and my first year at TIMES and I am so happy to be here. I am learning new things everyday too. I love teaching  because it allows students to utilize technology skills and fosters growth and individual strengths in a safe and supportive learning environment.


Hai this is sri salini ,

Report Co-Ordinator.

This is my first year experience with times. I  like the school because it works commitment from the team of people who run it. Children enjoy coming here and we know they do because they tell us they do. The school actively encourages aspects such as wonder, curiosity, adventure bravery and resilence. We ask our children to take responsiblity and take decision that make difference.


Hi I am Mathi Vathani!

Scout Incharge

IV Grade teacher

I am hugely impressed by the commitment of the times school and staff to the excellent all round education for our students in our state of the art facilities ,under my leadership as a team making together we strongly promote academic achievement among our students,the cultural sporting and other success of our students and staff are also proudly celebrated together.

Thanks a lot.

Hi I am Jothi rani.

I am the high school art and Tamil  teacher here at TIMES! I enjoy working with my students to create fun artwork and making an exciting learning environment in my classroom. . I like teaching at TIMES because this school is pioneering the future of education and the most talented and caring staff  maintenance.

Hi I am Achutha.A

Hindi Teacher Elementary School

I like teaching at TIMES because it provides an individualized education, and I love meeting and working with my students, their families, and my colleagues.The reasons I teach for TIMES are as follows. TIMES offers me the ability to reach a wide variety of students  educational techniques.

Hi I am N.Kala.

Hindi Teacher Middle Schoolers.

I love being able to provide my students the opportunity to take charge of their learning. My students always brighten my day so I hope to provide them with the same influence!

Thank you.

Hi Iam Ranjani.

“I teach  First  grade Students and do my best to use a lot of imagination in making connections with my students. I like teaching because it allows me to create content that is colorful, fun and connected to real life.

Hellow I am Suganya.

L.K.G Carer

This is my third year at TIMES and I am thoroughly enjoying my experience as a Teacher. Teaching through a playful platform allows me to use my passion for teaching, creativity and love of technology to engage students in a variety of ways. The staff and students at TIMES have encouraged and influenced a multitude of innovative methods.

Hi I am Manoranjitham.

This is my First year with  Times. I really enjoy working in an Environment tailored setting because I am constantly challenged to find new and creative ways to help my students. When I am not working I love to do activities with my kids and home improvement projects.

Hi I am Pavithra.

Pre KG Carer.

I chose to work in the KG classroom because I believe that technology is our future, and I wanted to have a part in making TIMES a premier  learning opportunity. I teach KG Childrens and do my best to use a lot of imagination in making connections with my students. I like teaching because it allows me to create content that is colorful, fun and connected to real life.

Hi I am Ragupathy.

As an computer science teacher, I consider it a privilege to utilize 21st century tools to inspire my students in thinking critically and creatively. The wonders of our world and the universe beyond are unveiled through the process of scientific discovery.

Hi I am Kavitha.

CCA Co-Ordinator

KG School.

I enjoy teaching at Times because I believe that technology is the future of education. I am passionate about history and teaching students to realize their potential, both as students and as members of society.

Hello Jasmin.M

CCA Co-Ordinator.

Elementary Schoolers.

I chose teaching because I believe that it is a fresh approach to education. It is leading the way to a new way of learning and meeting our students where they are. Technology is the way of the present and future, so we must continue to make our education current if our students are to be successful in their career fields.


Hi I am Gomathi. K

CCA Co-Ordinator Middle Schoolers.

I love teaching at TIMES because it combines my love of teaching/learning with the development of new skills in technology as we learn more about the the world around us.I enjoy teaching at TIMES because it allows me to connect with students in a fun and dynamic way, and to teach them the importance of teaching in an ever changing world.

Thank You.

Hello I am Revathi.

KG Schoolers.

I am teaching preschoolers. This is my first year Co-ordinating at TIMES.  I enjoy helping students find new ways of learning so that they can be successful in the classroom. My favorite moments in the classroom are when students have been working really hard to learn a concept and are able to demonstrate they understand what they have learned.

















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