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TIMES School is grateful for the continued support of our community of parents, family, friends and business and media partners current parents, alumni families, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends of the school, times is able to continually develop and implement new programs and approaches that impart a vital and creative learning experience for our children.

Without their incredible contributions of time and energy, TIMES would not be able to provide the innovative and game-changing education that families deserve.

Your support is very important to us

From the moment you walk in our  doors, you can tell there is something special in the air.

Whether it’s the sound of singing in our music room, a spirited game out on the field, or a warm “hello!” in the hallways, the spirit of Times is strong everywhere you look! That spirit comes from our sense of trust and respect for each other, and our commitment to building community and friendship through our anti-bias values.

We’re privileged every day to build a community that cares for each other, and we’re excited to share that community with you!

Past  years, Times has planted our roots by boldly innovating curriculum and guiding our students to be accomplished, inquisitive and inspired learners. In a community as tightly knit and generous as ours, it is only natural that we use teamwork to make our school the best it can be each and every year.

Times has always provided an education of excellence to promising students regardless of origin and financial background.  We also ensure that expert classroom experience is supported with a vibrant curriculum of experiences to ensure every Times student is well prepared for her/his future.

Times is constantly evolving and developing new ways to ensure the highest quality facilities and opportunities for academic,and extra-curricular provision.  A key element of this growth is the consistent improvement and upgrading of our facilities and services.

Strong community support and engagement is essential in building a brighter future for our students at Times and we hope that those in our wider community will do whatever they can to ensure that Times can continue to thrive in the future.

Each year we work together to bring as many opportunities and experiences to our students as possible, working hard to make every day more inspiring and adventurous than the last!

I invite you to explore our website, give us a call, or come in to visit and see what makes Times so special to me, and to all of us.

To find out more about how to support Times, please reach out to me personally, and I will be delighted to discuss our many options for involvement. Our doors are always open .

                                                                             V.Ashokkumar M.B.A., M.S.,                                                                                                                               Founder , The Indian Model School. 

Volunteering at The Indian Model School

Thank you to our volunteers at Times School !  Every parent, family and volunteer makes a huge difference to the success of our school and your children.

As an overview, Times volunteer  requires a commitment of 30 volunteer hours per family (15 hours per single parent family). Contributions of time and energy are just as important as the financial contributions.

There are a variety of ways to volunteer in the classroom, to support special events, or to help with administrative work. Volunteer as your schedule allows – for a part of the day, on a weekend, or for an ongoing commitment.

Having your participation in giving to TIMES demonstrates your belief in our education model and mission as well as the understanding that additional resources from parents and the community are needed to managing a high performing school.

we deeply appreciate the continued generosity of our Times community.

Volunteer Opportunities 

Select “interest” areas which will allow us to contact you with volunteer opportunities

We can also email you with a sign-up link if an opportunity becomes available in your interest area

There are various ways to look for volunteer opportunities:

Our website volunteer home page

           Social media

           News Letters


We thank you, in advance, for your support and trust.

For questions about Volunteering at Times, contact the Volunteer Coordinator.


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