Teachers Enrichments(TEW)



Capacity Building Programme

Teachers Attended : Mrs.Vaishnavi

Strengthening Assessment and Evaluation Practices of the cbse board on the academic year 2019- 2020. They discussed about the remodeled structure of the cbse board followed on the academic year 2019-2020.Now they proposed and strengthen the evaluation practices of the cbse board by new internal assessment like portfolio, multiple assessment.






District Level Solar Eclipse Workshop

Inauguration of District science resource centre and district level solar eclipse workshop. The science experts declared the science resource centre at district level in Kongu matric school oothukulli. I had a Workshop about how the solar eclipse formed and how we have to view the solar eclipse in the sky.





Strenthening Assessment And Evaluation Practices

Teachers Attended:Mrs.Lalithambal

They discussed about the Remodeled assessment structure of the CBSE board on the Academic year 2019-2020.Now they strengthen the evaluation practices of the CBSE board by multiple assessment portfolio in the internal assessment.  






Competence Building Program

Teachers Attended:Mrs.Karolin Vasanthakumari

The Program was about environmental connectivity, challenging content and Multiple intelligence in Mathematics. The program help us to learn many unknown way of teaching mathematics.





Candian Educational  Approaches

Teachers Attended: Mrs.Karthikeyani

They developed Gaming software to protect the environment by various activities for the students. Zero hero’s is one of the game to avoid Zero wastage of food, Zero plastics, waste management activity. Four team should participate. Teams are Earth,air,water,fire game score awarded.






Hindi Workshop by Madhuban Educational Books

Teachers Attended: Mrs.Jayalakshmi, Mrs.Krishnammal ,Mrs.Divya

They gave solutions for the problems which teachers will face while taking the class.


Outbound Training

Teachers Attended: Mrs.Lalithaambal, Mrs.Divya, Mrs.Radhika, Mrs.Suganthi

They taught us how to take classes in play way method. They conducted ten games for brain exercise how to take C category students to upper level. how to tackle the problem in eassy method.


 Cambridge English Assessment Programme

Teachers Attended:Mrs.Uma Kiruthika

Cambridge Assessment English or University of Cambridge English is the organization contributed to the development of the common furopean framework of reference for languages, the standard used around the world to bench mark language skills. YLE training is for primary teachers. KET and PET is for middle school and secondary teachers.


Capacity Building Programme on English Language Improvement Programme for Primary level

This Program is organized by CBSE for developing English language from primary level. English can be developed by focusing four stages. listening, speaking, reading, writing.


Regional Conference of Principals of CBSE Schools


11th All Kerala CBSE Principals Conference on 04.10.2019


Faculty Development Programme | Child Psychology

Teachers Attended : All Grade Teachers K-10


There’s an old tongue-in-cheek expression … how can I possibly teach when I have all of this information to deliver?

Teachers are the backbone of any educational Institutes for Quality Assurance in professional Education. One of the undoubted strengths of the Institute is the skill and knowledge of staff and institutes encourage them to develop both professional and personal skills as well as knowledge appropriate to their role. There is a strong link between the continuing development of the institute’s staff and the development of the institution.

Times TEW-FDP Faculty Development Program prepares the Teaching Staffs the essential skills to transfer knowledge to adult learners in a way that is educational, interesting and interactive. Participants will learn how to determine the needs of an audience, improve classroom charisma, handle hecklers, use activities effectively, and much more FDP help participants gain skills that will enhance their performance as faculty members. Program offer a wide range of opportunities for faculty to increase their teaching effectiveness, expand their skills, identify strength and weakness, and become better administrators. Faculties who take part in FDP will take away new ideas.

Program Objectives

This Program Helped the Participants

With Effective Body Language.

To Increase their confidence and ability to create and deliver better lessons.

To develop their Teaching skills that makes a Positive Impression and Enhance their Professional Image.

Gain Knowledge, Skills and Techniques to add Quality and Effectiveness in their teaching methods.

Key areas Covered

TEW-FDP Course Outline:

Session 1 | 10: AM – 1:00 PM |

Module 1: Key Skills to Improve Teaching Staff Performance and Productivity

Managing difficult or emotional situations

Evaluate poor performance and give feedback to change behaviour or performance

Influence staff, the triggers

Giving feedback to sensitive people

Introducing difficult and new changes

Developing and coaching staff including practical delegation techniques

Teaching as a Nobel Profession & Teachers are the Ladders

Session 2 | 2:00 PM- 5:00 PM |

Module 2: Attitude , Change and Role as Teaching Staff.

Learn to manage nervousness, handle disruptive behaviour, coach and provide feedback to others and how & when to use visual aids

Self discipline & Creating PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

Knowing Interpersonal relationship

Understanding the change management

Commitment towards their work

Identify “best” and “worst” training/teaching practices

Actually apply the Adult Learning Process

Demonstrate the four communication modes, skills for engaging others and practice using these skills

Identify training/teaching strengths and weaknesses

Create content using Instructional design inputs

Understand how people learn

Handle media and plan training room layouts

Motivation to excel in teaching and research.

Extra academic activities and Generate integrity and belongingness

Methodology:  Lectures , Questionaire, Interviews, and feedback.

Game 1: Session 1

Game 2: Session 2

Chart Making  

Program Director: 
Mr. Venkatesh.R 

Maths Workshop                                          05/01/18

Teachers Attended: Suganthi , Vidya Varalakshmi

Maths workshop are conducted at Brindavan Residency cbe.

The objectives of these workshops are to introduce  mathematics teachers to interesting topics in the basic subjects they teach. These lectures present interesting connections with other fields of mathematics or novel ways to teach a topic from the syllabus. The trained teachers may then deliver these lectures to some of the better students in their classes.

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Hindi Training                                               27/10/2018                             

Teachers Attended: Vidya Varalakshmi , Kalaiselvi 

A Hindi Workshop was conducted in the School library by Madhubun  Publication . The main topics that were highlighted included aim of education, methodology of language teaching, teaching of prose and verse and teaching of grammar. Different activities were conducted to involve the teachers and stress was laid on gender equality and religious tolerance through teaching of Hindi language. The forum was opened for questions and tips were provided for effective curriculum transaction.

With the objectives of sharpening teachers’ potential pedagogical skills and enhance effective teaching,

In the opening session, the resource person called upon the need of the participants one by one to read Swara and Vyanjna. He elaborated on the need of correct pronunciation, accent of the same to bring accuracy in both spoken and written.

In the afternoon of the day, problems faced by teachers and children in poetry and prose teaching and reading were widely discussed. Teachers’ queries were answered with examples taken from course books. Later teachers were motivated to compose poem in blank verse. In the concluding session of the first day feedback from the teachers was taken and their general queries were answered.Teachers are  welcomed the participants and motivated the teachers to compose moral based story.

A visual poem was shown and its critical appreciation was practically done by the teachers. To boost up writing skills, creativity of the learners, tips were given on formal and informal letter writing. During the entire workshop Teachers remained sincerely engrossed in their work. On the closing hours Teachers’ feedback was taken, their general and personal teaching problems were taken into consideration. Finally feedback of the teachers was recorded

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Workshop for Teachers                                            29th June,2018/Friday

Teachers Attended: Principal Mrs. A.K.Mahalakshmi M.S.C.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,M.B.A,

National Model School ,Kallori Nagar,Peelamedu,Coimbatore-641004 organised  Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management. It was conducted by Ms.Usha Pandit, Teachers trainer , Special Education,CEO. Close to 55 educators from different schools participated in the programme. From our School, our principal

Mrs. A.K.Mahalakshmi M.S.C.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,M.B.A, attended the session.

The participants were divided into groups of 10. The session began with an interesting activity, in which each group was asked to illustrate and present their ideal classroom on a chart paper. It was then followed by an introduction and a discussion on Classroom Management.

The session mainly focussed on the three components of Effective Classroom Management:

Content Management
Conduct Management
Covenant Management

Just as good management enhances learning by creating a good environment for teaching, similarly effective instruction contributes to a well-managed class. Proper instructions help in preventing failures, boredom and confusion in the classroom. Activities are an integral part of the teaching-learning process.

Seating arrangements are also imperative for effective classroom management. Each one was given the task to suggest different seating arrangements and their advantages and disadvantages. One of the most important challenges for a teacher is to manage time. A table relating to time management was explained.

Management of the student-teacher relationship is the cornerstone of classroom management. If a teacher has a good relationship with students, then students readily accept the rules and procedures and the disciplinary action that follows their violation. The importance of building a rapport with the children was discussed.

It was a fun-filled and enriching session, full of hands’-on activities for the teachers to indulge in and learn from. Teachers look forward now to applying these strategies effectively in the classroom.

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 English Enrichment Programs

Teachers Attended: Teachers from The Indian Model School.

English workshop was conducted at Kottamangalam,The Indian Model School by Mrs.Sindhuja. This Program aimed to provide training to working teachers in all areas of self-development. Communication skills, confidence building, boosting of self-image, optimum use of space & movement while teaching, voice modulation, creative teaching methods, relevant teaching pedagogies, parenting, and the significant use of drama in education. help transcend the paradigms of conventional teaching practices, training teachers to think critically and rationally.

Our teachers Learned at Helen O Grady program

The Kindy Drama Programme helped young children build confidence, communication and interactive skills though drama techniques. Our techniques involve storytelling, improvisation, devised theatre, mime and dance and many such activities based on age appropriate concepts.

This program transcended the paradigms of conventional teaching practices, training teachers to think critically and rationally.

Teachers are encouraged to use tools of observation, reflection and research, thereby enhancing their own teaching practices. The programme grooms teachers to eventually take up mentorship positions.

Teachers are trained with management techniques, self-empowerment, increasing their ‘responsibility quotient’ and exploring their role as individuals.

Happy Classroom Program                                                                                                           08/09/2018

Teachers Attended: Mrs.A.Achutha,Mrs.N.Kala,Mrs.V.Vidya Varalakshmi, Ms.Manoranjitham,


A short, crisp, to-the-point workshop was conducted by Sri Kannika Parameshwari Highter Secondary School,Udumalpet on 08/09/2018. It was an interactive session where the importance of ‘Happy Quotient’ was highlighted .The emphasis was on happy class room and work with unbridled enthusiasm.

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                                            English Workshop                                 26/10/18

Teachers Attended: Karolin , Ranjani

English workshopare conducted at Dindugal , SNMS School. This workshop is aimed to teachers of English to refresh, inspire and enliven their teaching practice. The participants will be shown various techniques that can help them improve the quality of their teaching approach to make it more attractive for all their students. The activities have been designed to raise the children’s interest, keep their concentration, broad their knowledge of the English language and the ability to use it with comfort.

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                                            Empowering English Program                                  08/12/17 

Teachers Attended: Ms. Mariammal, Mrs. Mathivathani , Mrs. Mary

A one day workshop on ways to develop creative writing skills in students was organized by natin Model Sr.Sec School, at Coimbatore  on 29/06/2018. English teachers from different schools in  attended the workshop. Two teachers from the Indian Model School Ms.Mariammal, Mrs.Mathivathani , Mrs.Mary attended the workshop. The resource person, Mrs.Usha Pandit,Writer,Entreprenur, emphasised on writing different kinds of poetry like- Clerihew poem, Bio poem, Five W’s poem, Magnetic poetry, Recycled poem, Diamante poem, Emotion poem, List poem and Haiku poem and Successful classroom management,Student Engagement,Student Empowerment,Selfmotivation

Understanding eight qualities that distinguish students who are successful in school (and beyond) from those who struggle.

The characteristics of learner-centered education, exploring the evidence from educational neuroscience and classroom research, and experiencing learner-centered structures and strategies that lead to deep and lasting learning.

Non-cognitive strategies that empower students to thrive in a learner-centered environment, helping them reach more of their potential in higher education…and beyond.

Strategies for empowering students to take responsibility for being full partners in the quest for their education and discover their own intrinsic motivation for academic achievement, thus promoting greater perseverance when they encounter inevitable challenges in college or elsewhere in their lives.

Strategies for empowering students to make wise choices regarding their time, choosing purposeful and persistent actions necessary to stay on course to their goals and dreams.

Strategies for empowering students to develop mutually supportive relationships necessary for achieving most of life’s lofty goals, including success in higher education, as well as developing an understanding of unconscious beliefs and habitual behaviors that sabotage their success.

                                            CBSE Guidelines Program                                                                          08/12/17

Teachers Attended: Teachers from The Indian Model School.

A short, crisp, to-the-point workshop was conducted at The Indian Model school. Mr.Murugan from Kendra Vidyalaya to give important guidelines for lesson planning. It was four hour workshop which touched all the salient points of lesson planning- introspection as a teacher on the learning outcome of one’s students was an important aspect which was emphasized upon. Being ready for the lesson along with material to be used was another important part of the workshop.

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                                                       Happiness Program                                           01/11/2017-05/11/2017

Teachers Attended: Teachers from The Indian Model School.

Happiness Program was conducted at The Indian Model School by The Art Of Living. This program aimed to teachers -oriented, a powerful life-skills happiness program is designed to accelerate teachers all-round excellence.It is a smooth blend of ancient wisdom, yoga, pranayama (breath control), meditation and the Sudarshan Kriya, fused with contemporary intellectual exchanges.

Teachers Learned The following happiness points

Happiness Point 1: Opposites compliments each other

Without darkness, we cannot appreciate Light. Without Sadness, we would not know happiness. We need to accept and value the bad to appreciate the good. Life is fascinating when it is full of ups and downs. We need to understand that our universe has a beautiful balance of opposites.

Happiness Point 2: Accept people and situation as they are

Do not spend your life reacting to unfavorable situations. Life is going to throw some curve balls and we need to respond to them in a matter that will help others and us in the situation. A panic or angry reaction will only make the situation worst.Similarly, we tend to compare a person with others that creates a lot of bitterness in relationships.

Happiness Point 3: Don’t be a football of other people’s opinion

People worry a lot about what others say about them and this burden of other people’s opinion forces a person to take some very wrong decisions. I have written a detail article on the mind trap that will help anyone who feels trapped because they cannot ignore other people’s opinion.

Happiness Point 4: Take Mistake as Mistake

When someone commits a mistake, do not go blaming that person for it. It will create a very negative impression in that person minds but on the other hand if we consider the mistake as mistake the person feels more responsible about his/her actions and would never repeat it.

Happiness Point 5: Stay in the present moment

We should not waste our time thinking about the past to save our mind from painful memories or the future as it puts stress on our mind. Staying in the present helps focus on the actual task at hand.

Phonics Traning                                                           26/08/2017, 02/09/2017

Teachers Attended: Teachers from The Indian Model School.

English Phonics Training workshop was  conducted at Kottamangalam, Udumalpet byThe Indian Model School.This workshop aimed comprehensive approach to learning early years’s literacy, with a multi-sensory, systematic and synthetic phonics based programme, Jolly Phonics is delivered in an interactive way with fun filled activities and teaching aids.This workshop was covered the five core skills of Jolly Phonics to lay the foundation for reading and writing. Mrs.Anuradha Sokkalingam,Ms.Pavithra  had shown how to implement these skills with their students with detailed lesson planning, spelling rules and comprehension skills.

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Science Workshop on 13th December 16

Workshop on Mind map was organized by Purplepro Educational Foundation in Aksara Hr Sec School, Coimbatore, for Science teachers. Times teachers attended the workshop conducted by Mr.Roopan, the CEO of the company.
He explained about the importance of Mind map for recapitulation of the topics and concepts in the classroom in an easy and effective way. How the mind map works in the minds of the students and their effects were discussed in the workshop. He personally trained all the teachers with his one-day science workshop. He used innovative learning tools while focusing on the real science that is being taught. It’s a great way to re-energize the teachers as they focus on making science more fun and meaningful.

Hindi Teachers Attend Workshop 8th December 2016

A Hindi Workshop, organized by Arihant Educational Publishers, was conducted on 8th December, 2016 at vidya mandhir school. This workshop was attended by the Hindi teachers of Mrs. Achutha,Mrs.A.Kala .Grammatical rules were explained in a very simplified manner by the resource person, Dr. Akilendra . He recited beautiful poems, stressed on teaching grammar in a play way method and gave some useful tips for the same.
The teachers got many innovative ideas regarding how to improve spelling mistakes of students and how to improve their listening skills. The workshop helped to develop creative writing skills of the teachers and enhanced their contemplation and thinking.

Science Enrichment Workshop December 1, 2016

The Indian Model School has always believed in providing different platforms to their teachers in order to enhance their horizons of learning. An Enrichment Program was organized by the Association of Physics Teacher for all Physics Teachers from shivani public school on 1st December 2016.Sharmila, the Coordinator graced the occasion with their presence.
An active discussion was held by the resource person Dr.Sekar Menen on the topic ‘Use of Technology’ in science. our science teachers got the opportunity to be a part of this workshop and extend their horizon of learning.
Effective sessions on the Use of Free Google Tools for creating Self-Assessing Quizzes and for Collaboration, Use of HTML5/JavaScript Simulations in teaching Physics and Making short videos of Physics Activities, editing and posting them on YouTube to enhance teaching and learning process in Physics were conducted by Dr.Sekar Menen Power-packed discussions took place among the teachers and professors of Physics related to this topic which led to effective learning.
On the whole it was an informative and enriching session.

Librarian Meet 28th November 2016

“The Only Thing you absolutely have to know is the Location of the library.” Albert Einstein
Libraries are – and always have been – an important part of communities. Challenged over time to shift their resources and services to meet the needs of the 21st century digital world, libraries constantly need to upgrade themselves. The Indian Model School has always endeavoured to enrich the already talented and enlightened teachers towards broadening their knowledge and skills. With this objective a Librarian’s meet was conducted based on the Topic – Join the Dots: Identifying and Transforming Readers by libridge foundation India in collaboration with Mr.sahith at Shathi  Kesika Centre on 28 November, 2017. A welcome note was addressed by Mr. Sanjay, CEO of Libridge foundation india.
Mrs.Madhu from Shanthi Kesika school continued the session sharing her views on the Importance of libraries in today’s changing world. Mrs.banu metha, the Author/founder of online community Reading, on children’s choices to read, stating that few children read for fun while few read for academic excellence. She stated that there should be ways to make libraries more accessible to children. This was followed by a panel discussion on this topic where all shared their views. The session culminated with this strong belief that reading starts from home and parents should make the desired effort to inculcate reading habits at an early age.
chief guest enlightened all with a short speech sharing her views on the importance of a library. She strongly believes that Libraries play a great role in the society and more libraries and museums should be established such as –Photo Graphic libraries and visual libraries.

EPF Workshop November 7, 2016

A workshop was held today in the school auditorium to apprise and inform the teachers about the Employee’s Provident Fund. Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement benefit scheme that’s available to all salaried employees and is maintained and overseen by the Employees Provident Fund Organization of India (EPFO). It’s a savings platform that helps employees save a fraction of their salary every month that can be used in the event that they are rendered unable to work, or upon retirement.
The resource person, Mr. Viyasi, explained the procedure to log in and activate the PF account online. All the teachers were given their UAN numbers in order to activate and view their individual accounts. The accounts resource person explained the whole procedure in detail from activating a PF account to generating a passbook. The teachers were asked to contact the accounts department in case they wanted any modifications made in their account.
The workshop helped the teachers to understand the process of viewing their PF accounts online and helped clear their doubts.

De-Stress Yoga Workshop 17th November 2016

“Yoga means addition- addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.” 
Keeping in view the above thought, The Indian Model School organized an interesting session of Yoga and fitness for the wellbeing and good health of its teachers. The teachers were apprised about the importance of Yoga in day to day life. Warm up exercises were performed by all the teachers performed. The trainers of Play Fitness Gym Centre demonstrated various asanas and exercises followed by Omkar chanting. The session was designed keeping in mind, the diet plan, sleep pattern and importance of fitness in our daily lives. The workshop concluded with functional exercises. The trainers encouraged the teachers to practice regular yoga to remain fit and improve concentration.
“Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with you, the world and the nature. By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help in well being.” Regular practice of yoga can definitely help teachers achieve a better life, physically, mentally and spiritually as well. Overall it was a motivating session as teachers actively took part and enjoyed the same.

Workshop for “General Knowledge” 27th October 2016

A workshop to introduce General Knowledge website to students and teachers  was held for teachers of Grade I to VIII on 27th October 2016. The aim of this workshop was to inform the teachers about the benefits of using GK. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Reshma a resource person from ‘ knowledge for students ’ for knowledge awareness. She gave an introduction of the website to the teachers and emphasised on the importance of making general knowledge interesting for the students. The website has been planned keeping in mind that the various lessons are age appropriate. Importance was given more on making the study of general knowledge interesting and interactive for students. GK aims to make the general knowledge classes more fun-filled and interactive. It was a power- packed interactive session wherein teachers put up various questions pertaining to their classroom sessions related to General Awareness.
The workshop was useful to understand how GK would aid in the teaching and learning of new developments in general knowledge.

Workshop on First AID 15th September 2016

A workshop on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid was conducted on Saturday, September 15, 2016 for the staff members of the school. The workshop was conducted by a team of Sarvodh Hospital, led by Dr. Poorna. It imparted knowledge of commonly occurring situations in our day to day life. It was explained to teachers on the need to remain calm in adverse situations and how to give basic medical aid to students, if required.
A hands-on training was demonstrated in CPR and other medical conditions like bruises, cuts, nose bleeding, chocking, vertigo, fits etc. by the team. The workshop was followed by a doubt clarification session which was dealt by the doctor with fervor and patience. The doctor answered all the questions raised by the teachers.
It was an interactive and educative session to equip teachers with skills and confidence to use first aid and CPR in real life situation.

Workshop on “SELF MOTIVATION” September 15, 2016

The Health and Wellness Department of  The Indian Model  School conducted a workshop for teachers of classes I to VIII on the topic “SELF MOTIVATION”. It was conducted by the counselor Ms. Vignesh Kumar . The teachers were enlightened with the fact that Self-motivation is having the initiative to do a task or activity without being supervised or being told to do it. The workshop highlighted on “BEHAVIOUR” and “CHARACTERISTICS” and also on external motivation and internal motivation.
Following Tips were given to the teachers on how to become more competent:
1. Practice. The more competent you are at a certain activity, the more motivated you’ll be to do it.
2. Look for positive feedback. Your motivation will become stronger if you can find some way of getting positive feedback on your progress. Avoid negative feedback as it will stand in the way of your confidence and block your internal motivation.
3. Break down your tasks and goals.
4. Make sure the difficulty level matches your ability. You want your goals and activities to be reasonable, not so easy that you become bored, but not so difficult that you become frustrated.
5. Set a goal and write it down.
6. Understand that finishing what you start is important.
7. Socialize with achievers and people with similar interests or goals, since motivation and positive attitude are contagious.
8. Never procrastinate anything.
9. Persistence, patience and not giving up, despite failure and difficulties, keep the flame of motivation burning.
10. Read about the subjects of your interest.
11. Constantly, affirm to yourself that you can, and will succeed.
12. Look at photos of things you want to get, achieve or do.
13. Visualize your goals as achieved, adding a feeling of happiness and joy.
If a certain goal is really important, going through the above steps will strengthen one’s motivation, and keep one going forward.

CBSE Workshop: Effective Questioning September 8, 2016

If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask. For once I know the proper question I could the solve the problem in less than five minutes

Aptly said by Einstein and meticulously elucidated by Dr. Teja sri , the honorable CBSE resource person at the workshop conducted in sharvodh  on 8th September 2017.
Dr. Teja sri is an accomplished Educationist, currently functioning as an Education Consultant, Life skill coach and a Resource person/Trainer for the Enrichment and Empowerment of Teachers, Students and Parents. She is also a Chief Trainer for international schools, at the National level.
Dr.Teja sri made the workshop highly interactive and her focal point was ‘Effective Questioning Skills’. She explained that the formation of questions should be based on the need to question, the purpose of the question and the kind of response expected from the question.
Dr.Teja sri emphasized the use of ‘Open ended questions’ rather than ‘Closed Ended’ since open ended questions promote thinking, which is the ultimate objective of the Teaching- Learning Process. She also informed about various pitfalls ensued due to faltered questioning in class and suggested alternatives to escape from them. She guided the teachers about making question papers using the Bloom’s Taxonomy.
The workshop was an informative session where teachers were challenged to think and respond.

Times Fraternity Celebrates Teacher’s Day September 5, 2016

I am a teacher. I help the young fledglings
coming into my nest
to take their first tentative
steps into the world.
I encourage them to spread their wings,
explore, take flight and reach for new horizons.
I am a mother, a guide,
a mentor, a disciplinarian, a counselor.
Yes, I am a teacher.

Teachers guide their wards put under their trust and help them to blossom. But our mentor, our beacon of light is our ever-inspiring Founder and Chairperson, Mr.Ashokkumar MBA.,MS,. who has introduced us to a new vision of life. Her vitality, undying faith in the the power of education, enthuses in us the zeal to live up to your unfaltering conviction in our ability to give life to your dreams.
The birthday of India’s most renowned academician, Dr. S Radhakrishnan, is celebrated as Teachers’ day to commemorate this great thinker and teacher.
The Indian Model school celebrated Teachers’ Day with great enthusiasm and abandonment. The graceful dancing, mellifluous singing, Music chairs, had the School fraternity tapping their feet and enjoying their day with gusto. Some hidden talents were unearthed, surprising all.
However, amidst all the festivities, the educators never once lost sight of their purpose and role in society. It only strengthened their resolve to shoulder their responsibility with renewed vigour. In the words of A P J Abdul Kalam-
Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber and future of an individual.

Times Teachers Attend Progressive Teachers’ Conclave 2nd September 2016

Keeping the teachers updated with the latest in Education pedagogy, has always been the aim of The Indian Model School. As such, Preethi represented times at the Progressive Teachers’ Conclave by Arihant Group of Publications held at coimbatore. Many innovators in the field of education were also awarded during the Teaching Excellence Award 2016 ceremony.
The Conclave comprised a Keynote Address, two Panel Discussions and Awards for Excellence in Teaching and School Education. It was attended by over two hundred and fifty delegates –Principals, Heads, Coordinators, teachers, and educationists.
The event started at 9:30 with a Welcome Note by Ms. Reethu varma, a renowned Editor, followed by engaging speeches on innovative strategies for teaching by few eminent speakers. The Teaching Excellence Award ceremony was held post lunch.
The session proved to be highly informative and enlightening for the teachers.

English Micro-teaching 28th July 2016

A micro-teaching session was conducted for English teachers on 28th July 2017. The aim of the micro-teaching session was to focus on sharpening and developing specific teaching skills. The session also helped the teachers to learn and adopt new teaching skills under controlled conditions and to gain confidence in teaching.
Two teachers of The Indina model school Mrs.Achutha,Mrs.Kala, attended the presentation during this session. The topic selected for the micro-teaching session by Ms.Yazhni was ‘Kinds of Sentences’. Ms.Arthi gave a presentation on ‘Simple present tense’. The teachers demonstrated how the topics were introduced and taught in the class. The pre-activity and post-activity conducted in the class for the given topics was also explained.
The aim of the session was to share and learn the best teaching practices across the different grades. The micro-teaching session gave the teachers an opportunity to discuss and observe the different teaching methods.

Science Microteaching July 21, 2016

To enables teacher–trainees to learn and assimilate new teaching skills under controlled conditions and to enable them to gain confidence in teaching and master a number of skills, microteaching was organised by Times Lab  for science teachers.
The main objective was to learn the skill of introducing a lesson, explaining the lesson with correct use of board and illustrations with examples.
Microteaching was done by Ms.Malini. Metals and non metals, Nutrition in plants, Components of food are the topics taken by the teachers. Valuable inputs were given by the Science teachers to improvise the lesson in class and to make it interesting.
Interesting facts were shared by the peer group as well. Overall it was very fruitful and enjoyable session.


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