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Times Skating Rink

A lengthy concrete area with wall on both the sides, behind the school building is selected for ‘skating rink’. As soon as announced, about all  children from I to X got enrolled to learn ‘skating’. The classes are divided in two batches and a trained skating coach is appointed.

The project provided roller skates and shoes for the learners. However, to introduce playful learning, Science and Mathematics associated with skating is also introduced in the classes. This has helped students to understand the concept easily. And yes! Skating in our  Schools has reduced absenteeism and brought discipline among its participants, which consequently has improved their academic performance.

Rollar Scating and its Benefits

Burn Calories Roller Skating

Build Muscle Definition From Roller Skating

Improve Your Balance Roller Skating

Roller Skating For Better Heart Health

Defeat Diabetes Roller Skating

Strength Training Benefits Of Roller Skating – Get More Body Power

Go Harder For Longer – Endurance Roller Skating

Prevent Injuries Roller Skating

Roller Skating Makes You Happy

Batch Timings

VI VII VIIII BATCH9.30 To 10: 30
IV VII BATCH10:45 To 11:45
II IIIIII BATCH11:45 To 12:45

Times participated in 10Th interschool Roller Skating Championship from 24/11/2017-26/11/17 at Aksharami School , where more than 318 skaters participated in different races. Our school was represented by a team of 30 members out of which below mentioned children were able to podium finish.

Achievements and Results

S.No. Name of Student Class Event Position
1 Kavin Prabhu II 400mtr.




2 Samyuktha VII 1000mtr.

300mtr. T.T



3 Aravindth VII 1000mtr.

3K Elimination





4 Pugzhalinyan IX Point to Point 10K 3rd


It was a proud moment when Samyuktha and Pugzhaliniyan  were Selected for the District level to be held Next Month.


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