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Academic Excellence

The time spent in the Secondary School is a unique period of student growth and development. The Times School program is designed to extend students’ academic skills, promote personal development and encourage attitudes of responsible citizenship thorough a variety of learning experiences. This includes interdisciplinary learning across the academic and pastoral programs.

Our teaching philosophy and practice is based on the understanding that during these years students undergo significant physical, emotional, social and academic development.

The diversity of curricular and co-curricular activities available to students enables them to accept increasing levels of responsibility for their own learning and behaviour.

All students in the Middle School have access to computers. Information & Communications Technology is integrated into all areas of the curriculum. Systems are being placed where–in students will be able to access their assignments and homework online via apping programmes.

This learning management system will allow parents, too, to keep track of their child’s deadlines and assignments.

There are many opportunities for students to experience leadership challenges within the Middle School. In classes 7 and 8 students will work across a number of specific briefs and assist in a range of activities. All students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills.

Extra-curricular Opportunities

Times school aims to develop the whole child. While we offer a strong academic program, students will also be involved in a wide range of activities.Art, music, computer and physical education are taught at all grade levels by specialist teachers.Students performing club activities,expo activities,many cultural functions every year. In addition to daily prayer students are practicing yoga.

Students enjoy a wide variety of on and off campus activities designed to enhance their academic and extra curriculam experience. Each is designed to afford students the opportunity to build deeper relationships with teachers and classmates, foster student leadership, bring life to academic objectives, and deepen their worldview.

Times School Clubs & Expos

Media Club

Peace Club

Eco Club

Cultural Clubs

Maths Club

Literacy Clubs

Maths Club ,Maths Expo

Science Club & Science Expo

Tamil Club

English literacy Club

Hindi Club

Health Club

Road Safety Club

It Club

Environment Club

Quiz Club

Dance Club

Character Development Programme:

Times School believes that part of a child’s education must include positive character development. To ensure this we use a quality curriculum called Character Development Programme.

Here are some of the distinctives of this program:

It is the stable and distinctive qualities built into an individual’s life which determine his or her responses regardless of circumstances.

Countering the popular culture – there is no question that culture influences a students decisions. The challenge is to develop a culture at school that encourages students to make good decisions and experience true success.

The character development programme curriculum offers teachers a systematic and comprehensive approach to teaching students how to make good decisions.The more teachers show their approval for character, the more students will pursue it.

Students who have demonstrated a character quality are recognized at a monthly all-school assembly. Character-based correction deals with the root of a problem which leads to lasting change. Students are taught how to deal with problems in their own lives and in their relationships with others.

Times School aims to

Core values of the Times Code of Conduct which permit and promote “teachable moments” wherever they may occur.
Expectation of punctuality, integrity, perseverance, respect for all members in the school, taking responsibility for one’s actions, and being a “brother’s keeper” for others.

The benefits of teamwork, the value of learning from failure, and the difference between healthy and unhealthy competition.Teachers must adhere to the same standard expected of the boys, and communicate the constant effort that goes into being a person of good character.

Weekly opportunities to provide service to the community outside of Blue Ridge School. This includes a three-day, school-wide set of field trips with major service components at each grade level, followed by a debriefing session to process lessons learned from the experience.

Secondary Teachers tailored with

Making the Students you support are able to engage in learning and stay on task during the lesson or activity. Supporting the social and emotional development of Students, reporting any issues when required

Supporting the teacher in managing challenging Student behaviour and promoting positive behaviour .Always Listening to Students read and read to Students as a class, group or one-to-one

Guiding  and monitor Student progress .Helping with the planning of some lessons

Providing detailed and regular feedback to teachers on Students’ progress.Carrying out administrative duties, such as preparing classroom resources

Creating art displays of Students’ artwork .Providing support outside of your normal classes, such as helping during exams, covering absences or going on school trips

Helping with extracurricular activity such as breakfast and after-school clubs, homework club, revision sessions or lunchtime duties

Supervising other support staff.Coordinate specific areas of teaching support once you have the right level of experience.

With experience, you might be able to take on a specialism such as literacy, numeracy.







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