Secondary School


Secondary Schoolers Activities:

1Stage presentations and displays
2Computer Applications
3 Laboratory works
4Audio visual media
5Power Point presentations
6 Industry
7 School Interface
8Commercial Applications
9 Technical Drawing
10Physical Education
12Smart board Facility
13Field trips

The time spent in the Secondary School is a unique period of student growth and development. The TIMS School program is designed to extend students’ academic skills, promote personal development and encourage attitudes of responsible citizenship thorough a variety of learning experiences. This includes interdisciplinary learning across the academic and pastoral programs.

Our teaching philosophy and practice is based on the understanding that during these years students undergo significant physical, emotional, social and academic development. The diversity of curricular and co-curricular activities available to students enables them to accept increasing levels of responsibility for their own learning and behaviour.

All students in the Middle School have access to computers. Information & Communications Technology is integrated into all areas of the curriculum. Systems are being placed where–in students will be able to access their assignments and homework online via  School pop. This learning management system will allow parents, too, to keep track of their child’s deadlines and assignments.

There are many opportunities for students to experience leadership challenges within the Middle School. In classes 7 and 8 students will work across a number of specific briefs and assist in a range of activities. All students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills.

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