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Times Science Club:

In the field of Science, one’s abilities can be developed through one’s sense of awareness, creativeness and inventiveness.

Along this line of thought Times Science Club(TSC) proposes to provide more information, opportunities and occasions for students to pursue and widen their interest in science in an informal situation and atmosphere.

Given the proper guidance and direction, members explore the ever dynamic world of science. Young boys and girls’ intense curiosity will be challenged.Their scientific skills will be sharpened through the carefully prepared exposures offered by this club.

This club hopes to turn boys and girls into young  scientists.


Time science club(TSC) Club aims to:

develop awareness about latest inventions;



(III) international

Arouse greater interest in discovering new ideas/concepts through the different scientific processes;

Discover for themselves explanations of common science concepts and phenomena;

Develop self-discipline;

Create and present simple inventions;

Share with other students new bits of scientific information;

Develop teamwork and cooperation; and

Develop initiative and resourcefulness.

Times Science Club Activities:

To gather and/or to list some of the latest inventions

To prepare posters or news briefs on any gathered information

To collect from books some interesting experiments/modules that interest them

To prepare the needed materials and work on the experiments/modules

To work on an individual or group invention

To assist other students in other activities

Schdule of Meetings:



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