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“The sign of great parenting is not the child’s behavior

     The sign of truly great parenting is the parent’s behavior” 

Parent Interaction

Parents and family are just as much a part of the TIMES community as students, teachers, and staff. Parents are encouraged to observe classrooms when appropriate, and parents are regularly invited to various activities at the school, both during regular school hours and at other times.

There are many ways for parents to feel a part of the school community. Parent nights, observations, and conferences are just the beginning. There are work fair presentations, the annual auction, volunteer opportunities, and more. Every parent can be as involved as he or she wants to be, and we welcome your participation.

Parent Discovery Nights

TIMES hosts several parent nights during each school year to ensure that parents fully understand the classroom methods and can effectively communicate with their child and their child’s teacher. These meetings are designed to help parents understand the concepts and philosophy of the child’s work and the Montessori Method. We provide childcare for these meetings whenever possible.


Collaboration is central to all Times School goals. It is also imperative to the success of the school and our efforts to maintain affordable tuition. We are a small, non-profit school with a strong emphasis on community.

Participation in TIMES projects allows you to interact with other parents and experience the community firsthand. It also provides an example to the children of how we can contribute to our community.

Whether the task is painting a classroom or helping decorate for a holiday, you leave a mark on the environment that positively impacts both your own child’s experiences as well as those of his current and future classmates.

To fulfill this criterion, families elect from a TIMES list of ongoing projects the kind of work best suited to their talents. Past volunteers have installed network systems, designed web pages, built classroom furniture, painted, baked, ,tended the grounds, hung chalkboards, organized book fairs, and represented the school at the Taste of Times.

As we expand our reach and deepen our relationships in area communities, new ways to contribute will emerge.Volunteers extraordinaire include grandparents, parents, and friends who wish to help.


Conferences are scheduled twice a year to give parents the opportunity to discuss the development of their child. These conferences are conducted by the teachers and involve samples of the child’s work and discussion of the curriculum appropriate for your child.

In addition to scheduled conferences, teachers have time built into their teaching schedule to return phone calls or have informal conferences about your child as the need arises.


Observation is an excellent way to gain a better understanding of your school and your child’s development. Each parent is encouraged to observe in their child’s classroom. To watch the children’s interaction with the materials, other children, and the teachers.

Observation can usually be scheduled at any time after the first six weeks of school and must be scheduled with the school office. Observations close at the end of April and there are periodic times during the school year that are unavailable.

Times School Parents Facebook Group

Current Times School School parents are encouraged to join the TIMES Parents Facebook group.  This page is a great resource for parent questions, book recommendations.


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