Safe Sports For Children


Our all sport staff and volunteers keeping their responsibilities and be able to identify and respond to children at safe sport for children. In order to do this effectively they always to be ongoing supervision, support and training for people who work with children.

This school developing a safe sport for children policy schools identify, assess and set out steps to minimise the risk of safe sports to children.

Times students safe covers a range of areas including:

The physical environment – facilities, equipment, techniques, weather conditions

The social environment – the different relationships between students, coaches or instructors, and parents

The emotional environment – bullying, promoting positive feelings about individuals, preventing any forms of abuse.

School Success/Information can be informed by:

Articles/photos in local media

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Reports in newsletters, on websites and notice boards – of both school and other sport organisations

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Posts on Facebook and social media

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Certificates and recognition at events including assemblies

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Medals and trophies

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Special events, e.g. award ceremonies and parents’ evenings

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Sharing knowledge about what has been learned.

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