Pre School Program


Play way/Pre-Pre Nursery/Nursery- The Formative Years

Children who spent three or more years in nursery education demonstrated richer vocabularies, stronger basic math skills and higher reading levels by up to a year over those whose parents kept them at home till the age of five.

From birth to the age of six, your child’s mental and physical faculties are developing at an astounding rate. What you do and expose your child to at this age will have a profound impact on their future development.

Pre-Nursery/ Nursery is where your child picks up the skills necessary for future school; this is the time when your child will start his/her journey of learning.

Give your child to a head start

At our school, we make learning fun. Young kids are naturally curious and we make sure that we pique their interest with all our activities. At our school, we use ‘functional’ play as the foundation of your child’s development.

Kids are exposed to alphabets, numbers, shapes and colours, in an entertaining and informative way. Besides teaching them the basics, this also gives your kid a positive disposition towards learning in the future.

Our activities are also designed to drawing out your child’s hidden talents and skills. Personality development is another important aspect in our Pre-Nursery/ Nursery.

We give children the opportunity to develop their social skills by exposing them to different situations and people. Sharing, getting along with peers and contributing to the class are given as much importance as learning.

This helps our students develop values, ethics and a moral compass that will steer them through life.

A  Safe Caring Environment

When children have a positive initial reaction to an environment, they are relaxed and feel safe. This is why we have taken special care to create a warm, inviting and nurturing environment that your child will want to come back to everyday.

All our classrooms are bright, colourful and airy; we have carefully selected books, toys, craft materials and other learning aids to keep your child learning through play.

Our teachers are highly experienced with the right mix of fair, kind, friendly and discipline-conscious (when necessary).

We maintain a staff to child ratio that allows each child to get individual attention and guidance. There is an open line of communication between parents and staff, so you too get to monitor your child’s progress or intimate teachers about any concerns.

We like to see our Pre-Nursery/ Nursery as the base from where you child can grow, branch out and explore the world; become an emotionally, socially, and academically confident person.

Learning Activities

IQ , EQ , AQ & CQ

Joyful Learning

Excercise Activity

Super brain Activity

Meditaiton activities

Dance and Music Activities

Blindfold Activities

Japanese 5S Technology


Fully air conditioned Classrooms

CCTV Survelence

10 students per teacher


Concentration Enhancement

Equal functioning of brain lobes

Memory retention

Good observing Capacity

Expressing unique talents

Excellent results in exams

Behavioural Changes

Increased self confidence

Social Mingling

Good Communication

Ged rid of




Enjoy Creativity

Good Self Realization




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