Pre Registration


Families who have children not currently enrolled in the The Indian Model School can pre-register online. Completing these steps in advance will save you time when you come into a Welcome Center with your proofs of address,Proof of Name and other  important documents.

Remember this is a pre-registration only. You must visit a Welcome Center at the school office and provide required documents in order to complete the Registration process.

Registration is ongoing; however, for your best chance at a school assignment of your choice, it is important to register during these Rounds. All students who register within the same round are assigned to schools at the same time when the round closes. First Round Registration for the 2018-2019 school year runs from Month,Year through Month, Year, 2019.

For best service, register according to the parents Name.

A-I: January  Dates , 2019
J-Q: January Dates , 2019
R-Z: January Dates , 2019
Open to all: Dates-Dates


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