Parent Programs


Time schools undertake a wide range of activities to develop and strengthen relationships with their school community such as:

Using interpreting and translating assistance services to effectively communicate with their entire school community

Working with parent clubs

Celebrating patriotic observance

Addressing parent complaints in an effective and timely manner.

Establishing partnerships and sponsorship arrangements that maximise learning experiences for students

Performing volunteer checks to ensure volunteers working with children meet legal requirements.

Parent Clubs

Role of Parents’ Clubs

Parents’ clubs (and associations) promote the welfare of, and provide support to, the school and its community. Parents are key partners in their child’s learning. By interacting with the school and other parents, parents’ club members gain a first hand understanding of how schools operate, and can use their skills and experience to work collaboratively with others in supporting the school and its students.

Parents’ clubs may undertake social and educational activities and contribute to school council decision making.

The role of a parents’ club is threefold:

To provide support, in various forms, for the school, its students and community

To work in cooperation with the principal, staff and school council in building effective partnerships between home and school

Working with School Council

Parents’ clubs are most effective when there is a close and cooperative working relationship with the principal and school council.

This can be achieved by:

Offering a position on school council in the community member category, where there is capacity to do so, to a parents’ club representative

Inviting parents’ club members on sub committees of the school council where appropriate to do so

Providing opportunities for regular updates and discussion between the parents’ club, principal and school council

Encouraging discussion about, and an understanding of, a wide range of issues relating to broader general education and student welfare matters

Principals providing feedback (and school council where required) when the club is planning social, educational or fundraising activities

Utilising the parents’ club as a reliable mechanism for parent feedback on school policy and initiatives.


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