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Why Times Music Classes ! There’s Even More

Music speaks a universal language. It transcends boundaries and permeates cultural barriers to touch the depths of out souls.Music expresses out common emotions and inspires us all.

Studying music encourages self-discipline and diligence, traits that carry over into intellectual pursuits and lead to effective study and work habits. Creating and performing music promotes self-expression and provides self-gratification. It gives you the infinite ability to entertain listeners.

At Times, we support music education with classes for guitar, piano, as well as vocals, where students learn to draw upon the excellence which is within and stretch their thinking and imagination to become the best at their craft.

Why Times Music Class? Timely Education: It’s great to start young! Yamaha classes introduce music fundamentals to your child when their hearing skills are developing quickly.

 Group Lessons: Making music with friends is fun! Your child will have rich experiences when playing and enjoying music with others.

 Creativity: Make your own music! Your child will develop musical sensitivity, imagination, and the ability to express themselves.

Times School has several programs which may be the right fit for you!Whether it’s our Times Kids early childhood music classes for pre-schoolers or Adaptive Music Program for the special needs for the graders. we have you covered. Times music classes are the perfect start to your child’s musical journey.

These age-specific group music classes are broad when compared to typical music lessons at this age. Your child will learn to play the keyboard, sing songs, move to music, play in keyboard ensembles with their classmates, develop ear training (identifying pitches by ear), and create their own music.

Times kids always having  fun, vibrant music education and performing arts community… where your child will be challenged and engaged, then Times School just might be the place for you. Times music place is totally unique. It’s a warm, nurturing , and safe environment where your child will be inspired to learn how to play, perform and create.

This is all about having fun, connecting with a community of music friends, and discovering what your child is really capable of!  They’ll have a highly personalized experience, bonding with top instructors who really care about your child .

Research has found that music learning facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas. Musicians show marked improvement in test scores, spatial-temporal skills, and increased IQ.

A high-quality music education experience is one of the most precious gifts that you can give your child. We believe in the inherent value of music (music for music’s sake!) and that kids can learn life skills and build confidence while having fun playing the music they love!

Meet our Faculty:  i made the switch on 

Inspiring.Rewarding.Fun. These are some of the words instructors use to describe their careers at Times School.Times enjoys teaching students of all ages and learning styles and loves discovering innovative ways of demonstrating musical concepts to her students. our varied teaching methods are adaptable to the needs of each individual student, and instructor has passion for teaching students with special needs.

Our professionally qualified music tutors urge our students to strive for excellence that we believe lies within every person. We stretch the limits of their thinking and imagination to become the best.

Music Theory and Harmony

Basic Ear Training

Music foundations

Harmonization Techniques

Choral ensemble (slogam’s)

1:30 TO 2:15
IV V Std
2:15 TO 3:00
3:00 TO 3:45

Music And its Benefits

Development of reasoning skills

Increases memorization power

Increases co-ordination

Keeps children engaged

Enhances imagination and curiosity

It helps children relax

It teaches dicipline

Helps in development of creative thinking

Building up self confidence

Times Music Programmes and Achievements:

” Preschool music wonderland ” for KG schoolers

“Juniour Summer Camp” for graders”

“Join the band ” for occationals

“Choral Ensemble fest” for all graders.

Music Achievements and Awards

The school has worked hard to ensure the music in the school is of good quality.

All children have opportunities to sing and play musical instruments.

We have a very active choir and singing club. Children have opportunities to play musical instruments through a range of tuition.

The school choir takes part in many events across the year. 
This has included:

The switching on of the  Independence day and Republic Day
Singing in  the “Gandhi Jayanthi”
Singing at the  “Christmas, Ramzan”
Taking parting in Big Sing Event in “Gokulastami”
Taking part in the Inter school music Festival
“Voice In A Million” Music week , Annual Day,Sports Day
“Singing For The World” Rain water Harvesting Slogams.

Rewards Systems

As part of our whole school procedures, we reward children for many positive reasons:

Stickers are given to recognise good behaviour, work and attitudes.

Achievement Certificates are given to children during Celebration Worship. Teachers and other children nominate children each week and share the reasons with everyone.


Inter School Music Festival

1st – Unaccompanied Singing
2nd – Hymn Singing.

District Level Music Festival

1st – Hymn Singing
2nd – Junior Singing


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