Middle School Sports


Middle School students have the opportunity to select from various physical education electives. The purpose of these electives is for students to develop knowledge and skills in selected sports and recreational activities to maintain and improve general health and fitness.

Students learn safety rules, terminology, skill building, officiating, and sportsmanship. Selected health related topics are also introduced focusing on the concept of lifetime wellness. Through these electives, students learn to glorify school,parents,society by developing health and fitness knowledge and skills that can be utilized throughout their lifetimes.

S.NoSport CategoryClass Position
SamyukthaSkatingVI STDGold,Bronze,Silver
TejasSkatingVI STDParticipation
NIshanthSkatingVI STDParticipation
ShayamSkatingVI STDBronze
KiruthikSkatingVI STDParticipation
KavinSkatingVI STDSilver,Silver

Photo Gallery

Student NameSport CategoryClassPostion
S.J.SamyukthaLong JumpVI AI
HariharanLong JumpVI-AI
Nithika.A4x100 Mts RelayVII-AII
S.Yazhini4x100 Mts RelayVI-AII
S.J Samyuktha4x100 Mts RelayVI-AII
A.NithikaShuttle BadmintonVII-AI
Kavin NiranjanShuttle BadmintonVII-AII

Photo Gallery


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