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Our Infirmary

At our school, the well being of learners is of utmost importance. We provide direct nursing services to learners and staff members to maximize health and wellness in the school community. The school infirmary is equipped with the basic materials and facilities to address the health needs of learners while in school. An on-site trained and qualified nurse is available to manage and assess any health issues that may arise during school hours.

Our school has a well equipped infirmary that provides first-aid to a pupil in need, under the supervision doctor and nurse. The learner’s basic physical development is checked and reported every term by the school nurse.

School’s Infirmary Policy

Following duties are performed by our qualified, on-campus medical professionals:
Attend to learners who are injured or become ill while at school, administer first-aid and other emergency nursing measures and arrange for medical attention where the circumstances indicate.

Secure and carry out medically approved written instructions for care of sick and injured learners.

Initiate various screening activities to ascertain learner’s health appraisal.

Confer with teachers, students and parents regarding management of identified health problems.

Provide instructions to children and parents in subjects such as nutrition, rest and relaxation, communicable diseases and home healthcare.

Exclude and re-admit sick learners in accordance with existing school health regulations and policies.

Provide updated health and care information to parents, teachers and other health authorities.

Maintain accurate and updated health records of all learners with confidentiality and care. Coordinate with hospitals, first-aid services and other medical facilities.

Watching out for Children’s Health

The school nurse is constantly in contact with parents concerning certain aspects of the child’s health, for example ensuring that the child takes medication at a scheduled hour or observing the child following convalescence.

In addition to looking after students who are sent to the school infirmary, the school nurse encourages participation in various health programs set up by the local government, such as vaccinations and dental health programs. We also take a proactive approach in dealing with cyclical or specific health concerns that occur in some age groups and design campaigns for protection and prevention.


For any emergency, the school has arrangements with the local hospital which is located near the school. We also have a tie-up with the same hospital, which conducts a health check once a year. The children go through a dental, eye and ENT check-up. Our learners are also examined by the pediatrician on a regular basis. Computerized records of the medical history of each pupil are maintained by the school.

Wellness Centre

The students are encouraged to drop in to the Wellness Centre to seek assistance as and when they need it, with a clear system if a boy is ill in class time.

Counselling staff also offer Student one- to- one counselling as and when it is needed. Comprehensive support is also offered to parents and staff in groups and in one- to- one sessions, as and when desired.

The school places great importance on the health and safety of students. Suitably qualified nursing staff keeps the medical centre open throughout the school day, while the panel of doctors is available on call for any emergency. In its modern and child-friendly setting, the medical centre maintains high standards of hygiene and a well-documented system of students’ health records.

The medical staff arranges for routine medical treatment as well as health promotion activities such as an annual check-up, and dental  eye  camps.

Safety Features

Safety of students is of paramount significance to us. The entire building structure is Earthquake resistant and is equipped with the latest fire fighting equipments. Smoke detectors are installed in all the rooms and there is a 24×7 Building Management System installed on the ground floor of the building with CC TV cameras and alarm devices installed at all important locations. The campus is manned by efficient Security Guards throughout the year who only permit authorized access into the campus. The school has a full time DG power back up.



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