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Times Math Club aims to further develop and improve the knowledge and skills of students who are inclined to Mathematics and explore with them. This organization also caters to students who are gifted with logical, mathematical and communication skills and abilities.

This Club brings into the limelight the recent trends in computer technology as the former helps the students see the interrelationship and close links between Mathematics and the technology.

With the ardent desire to make mathematics more interesting and significant in a learner’s life, the organization also introduces and develops activities that will help the learners see the relationship of Mathematics to the real world.

It will provide learners with activities such as games, puzzles, discussion, film viewing, experiments and investigations.

Objective of Math Club:

Times Math Club  aims to:

Develop logical and mathematical skills basic to their age;

Increase ability for reason logically and critically;

Share the knowledge and skills with slow learners through the Remedial Program;

Relate Mathematics to computer technology and the real world;

Put up an exhibition about mathematic latest theories.

Develop a plan on how to improve Mathematics education for middle schoolers.


1. Lecture, Discussion and Hands-on Activities


2. Experiments


3. Film – viewing


4. Short Math Story


5. Tutorial

Exploring mathematical concepts through manipulatives

Learning Mathematics in deeper contexts through structured learning

Seminar on  Mathematics activities

Investigating and experimenting some phenomena – activities outside the classroom

Watching a film and making collage, synopsis about the film

Develop stories out of a mathematical problem. They can present it through short story books or comic strips.

Assisting slow learners in Math

Helping less fortunate kids learn Math


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