Geek the Library


The school has a well stocked with an impressive index of titles, covering both fiction and nonfiction, resource reference books , dailies and magazines.

Our rich collection of books is updated regularly and students are encouraged to make full use of this facility to develop a love for books from an early age.

In addition, the library also features an integrated  with Digital Library fort the  activities. The fully networked computers with appropriate research based software and high speed internet access are available for teachers and students to use.

A state-of-the-art Library with a colorful ambience for the Primary school encourages children to venture into the wonderful world of story books. A major attraction is the ‘story tent’ where the young students gather for sessions of storytelling.

There is ample space  reading on.  The library has been designed to provide the Students with a quiet and purposeful atmosphere for study and intellectually creative thought.

Students are able to use the library throughout the term and there are regular book fairs and meetings of the Library staffs attended by students and masters to discuss the development of our library resources, such as book requests, Kindles, newspapers and periodical publications, and reference material.

Aims of Times Library

Support the educational aims of the school by making the library central and integral to the independent learning processes within the school.

Provide a service which will enable Students to become more responsible for their own learning  and helping them develop their research and study skills.

Enrich Students  curricular experiences by providing appropriate resources. Knowledge of the curriculum enables staff to purchase relevant resources, and provide an environment that is conducive and will encourage divergent and reflective study.

Provide an environment which encourages relaxation and private reading. Regularly changing displays and celebration of national book awards, presenting and highlighting new novels, literary works and latest developments, as well as personal recommendations, encourage pupils to read a varied range of material.

Arrange workshops and talks by writers and illustrators which will inspire, enthuse and entertain Students.

Library Room

The library is huge hall and divided into sections with  partitions. It has a reading room and one room for the librarian and the staff of the library. Different sections in the hall are meant for different kinds of books which are placed on iron shelves. One section is meant for languages, one for literature, one for humanities, on for sciences, for sports and so on.

All kinds of books are available in our school library such as books on literature, history, civics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, painting, music, sports, magic, geography, zoology . The biggest section of books in the library contains children’s books. These books cover stores, adventure, fairy tales etc. The library also contributes to a number of magazines and newspapers.





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