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Hindi is spoken or understood with easeby close to 45% of population

Hindi is the most spoken language  in India and perhaps the most understood too, along with English.

Throughout India, Hindi is used along with the regional languages and English at the Central Government owned organizations. So if we have problem reading the regional language and in English, ability to read Hindi becomes helpful, especially while travelling.

Some of the national leaders of India are excellent orators and they give their speeches in Hindi usually. Though we may get the translations or excerpts from their speech later on in the news media or papers, we can get the real effect of their speeches if we can understand Hindi.

If you are from a state where Hindi is not that necessary, while travelling to many North Indian states, learning at least elementary Hindi is very important as people there don’t know/or don’t want to speak in English.

Hindi is taught as a co-curriculam.

Schdule  and Activities:

MondayVIII StdIV StdV Std
TudesdayVI StdIV StdIX StdV Std
WednesdayIX StdIV StdV Std
ThursdayVI StdIV StdVIII StdVIII StdVI Std
FridayIX StdIV StdVII StdV Std
SaturdayIV StdV Std


Participations and Achievements in Hindi Exams.

Our school  34 students appered  and cleared  parichaya exam.

Teachers: 1)    N.Kala , 25 Years Exp.,           2)   Mrs.Atchutha 8 Years Exp.,


Samyuktha.S.J Roll No Class
Tejes.M.B 568552 V
Kiruthik.P 568553 V
Priyanka.S.P 568554 V
Hemalatha.S 568555 V
Ananya.V 568556 VII
Kavin.S 568557 VIII
Mukesh.R.S 568558 VIII
Adarsh Myilsamy.K 568559 IV
Mohammed Rasul.A 568561 V
Hariharan.M 568562 VI
Aarthi.S 568563 V
Mohanapriya.M 568564 VI
Kavin niranjan.C 568565 VI
Yazhni.S 568566 V
Sanjeev.B 568567 V
Aswin ganesh.M 568568 V
Parameshwaran.S 568569 V
Gokul.A 568570 IV
Nishanth.S 568571 VI


Two Students cleared  Rastrasabha and got First class with distinction.


Balaji.A 821623 VI
Masilamani.K 821624 VI
Nitheka.A 821625 VI


Four Students cleared Madhyama with first class and distinction.


Pragathi.M 741496 VII
Ratchika.V.P 741497 VII
Sahana.A 741498 IV
Sanjay hari.R.J 741499 V






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