Conference Room


This is where plans put toaction, thought-provoking ideas conceived and foundation set for perfect deliverance.

AV Room

A boon technology which enhances our productivity, encourages creativity and eases the journey of our buds to blooming flowers.

Physics Lab

A place where answers to scientific queries are not found in text books, or through high and lofty thoughts, but on the basis of careful collections and analysis of laboratory evidences.

Chemistry Lab

The activities allow the opportunities to link experimental evidence and simple particle theory to explain —- the properties of solid, liquid and gases, chemical changes, metals and non-metals, acids and bases and a wide variety of substances.

Bio Lab

A specialised work place for handling practical techniques to learn the structure of a cell, the mystery of the human body and the working of the eco system.

Computer Lab

A place they love to visit keeping with the trends of the world. Each one of them exhibits his/her amazing skills. With the click of a button, they prove the world has shrunken into a global village.

Math Lab

Cubes, Squares, Prisms name it they can do anything with lines, curves and dots. Our maths wizards solve puzzles with the flutter of an eyelid and leave us astounded.

English Lab

Nurturing a language which is a marvel! This is where each one of them develop his/her communication skills., gain a high level of confidence and brace themselves to be great orators in the big wide world.

Art Room

An outlet for the aesthetic skills of our most gifted children. Their art exhibits are more realistic than real life.

Music Room 

Amidst our regular classes, the vibration of the notes which flows out from a flute or from a violin surely is a soothing balm for each one of us with an ear for music. Which is evident as a child taps his toes to the beat of the drum.


The library, the power house of knowledge, set high, yet reachable and most accessible. The book worms, during any short time available, are seen hovering around for a quick browse of updates if any.


It is time and place for our weekend get togethers – moments full of activities, competitions, celebrations, surely the moments which we cherish and look forward to.

Staff Room 

Our well-equipped, spacious, ventilated staffrooms meets the requirements of a perfect ambience which makes our work place the best.

Examination Room

The hub of activity year round. A room with extra care and protection as it houses the tools evaluation- an integral part of our education system.

Special Day Care

Our little toddlers, the most loved members of our growing family are like a box of chocolates and we enjoy each and every moment with them. We, however, do not compromise on their well – being . A glass of protein rich milk and nutrient filled fruits surely give them that extra edge to be bright and cheerful.


A long awaited leisure which is a pleasure for all of us. A hot cup of coffee, with tasty savories, a cheerful smile at the counter is surely blessing.


This is where the children love to be, at all times, to get a whiff of the cool breeze, the radiance of the suns rays, the chirping of a little bird, the fragrance of the fresh leaves and buzz of a bee.


Our effort to give a sound mind in a sound body. A few moments of meditation and concentration clearly refreshes each young mind of the ordeal ahead.


Power-packed expression indicative of our karate children at work, which certainly develops their self-defence mechanism.

Health Care

To promote good physical and mental health.


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