Ethos and Culture


Times School aims

Ensure quality opportunities for all students

Create sustainable sport and practices

Engage the entire school and wider community

Establish effective partnerships

Reinforce positive messages about sport

Identify areas to develop personal skills of teachers, parents and providers

Promote the positive value that sport offers young people. 

Strong school sport environment

Times school provides  strong school sport environment , quality experiences for all students, accommodates their aspirations, and gives them the confidence to continue participating when they leave school. 

Ethos and culture – vision and philosophy, planning and reporting, policies and procedures, school improvement, connections

School and community – effective engagement, partnerships with community, schools and whanau

Sport opportunities – environment, sports delivery and coaching

Curriculum – vision, planning, teaching and learning, professional development.

School ethos and culture

Times sports environment are established & exhibited across all aspects of the school operation. It includes the establishment and propagation of a vision and philosophy for sport and PE, evidence-based planning and consequent resourcing and support, and includes formal documentation of this vision in plans and policies and procedures.

School and community

Times school sport programme provides pathways for students to realise their aspirations as participants, coaches, officials and administrators inside and outside the school, establishes strong working relationships with community sports organisations and personnel, and provides and shares equipment and facilities that meet the needs of all students. It also connects the school to parents  who are a critical part of the school and community sport system.

Sport opportunities and experiences

Times school ensures sport experiences meet the needs and aspirations of all students, and that they are developed with input from them. Sport opportunities are provided in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular settings, supported by competent and informed personnel who understand and cater for the development, sporting, emotional and social needs of a diverse range of young people.


Times is one of the most significant contributions to the development of a lifelong love of sport is a rich, rewarding and high quality PE curriculum in schools. This programme needs to be well planned and resourced, reflect the Health and PE curriculum, and develop and enhance skills and attitudes in young people across a wide range of settings and activities.


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