Enrollment Centres


The Indian Model School Enrollment Centres Primarily involves

1 . Registration

2  . Admissions

3 . Fees


Registration Appointments

​Check our School office to book your registration appointment date and time.Registration appointments are assigned in Priority.

Registration Mode

​Registration takes place offline via School office and Enrollment Centeres where you can  build schedules and track your progress toward your educational goal.

Convenient Centers

​Enrollment Centers are  provides a more accessible, convenient, and organized way to assess your academic progress.

Schedule Planner

​Schedule Planner is a Guide that allows you to build and compare schedules that best fit your work-school-life balance via Enrollment centres.


How Do I Enroll in Classes?

​Registration is done online/offline Registration Status & Checklist. You can also follow our how to register guide.

How Do I Clear Prerequisites?

​Prerequisites are cleared by completing and submitting the Clearance Request Form .

What can I do if a class is closed (full) when I try to register?

If you would like to register for a class that’s closed, you have two options.

The first option is to add yourself to the waitlist for the class (if available). If someone drops the class or is dropped for non-payment of fees from the class, the first person on the waitlist will receive an email notification via their registered mobile no email account and can add the class within the time allowed via Enrollment centres.

The second option is to attend the first class meeting and ask the principal for an enrollment permit.Arrive early for your best chance.

Once the class begins, the registration system will require an recommendation  in order to register, which is controlled by Correspondent. Follow the instructions on the permit to register for the course by the stated deadline.


Information for Continuing Students

Students who are registered/Joined in classes for the current class DO NOT need to reapply for admission.Make sure you have paid all your fees to avoid any holds that may prevent you from registering must be resolved with the department that placed the hold.

What do I do after I apply for admission?

After you applied the indian model school you will receive an call/email confirming your application was received. If you do not receive a confirmation call/email be sure to verify that you completed and submitted the application.Although most applications are processed by the next business day, please allow up to 5 business days for application processing.

If you don’t receive a call / email within 5 business days, call the Enrollment  Center at 7373777991 .

Do I have to reapply for admission if I’ve attended The indian model school before?

​If you are enrolled in the current class, you do not need to reapply for admission. If you applied for a past class but never registered for classes, you must reapply for admission. If you’ve previously attended theindianmodelschool, but missed the last two terms(I,II), you must reapply for admission.

How can I obtain semester grades from the previous terms?

​You can access your grades via our administration office.

How do I receive a transcript(conduct certificate,aadhar approval forms,Transfer certificates)?

​Official transcripts are received by our administrative authoritators. Please visit the transcript information page for more information.


​After you enroll in classes, pay all your fees due immediately to avoid being dropped from classes for non-payment.

Payment methods:

Credit or debit cards

Checks are accepted in the Enrollment Center

Cash is accepted in the school Office

What are the registration fees and do I have to pay them all?

​Enrollment fees are We have some registration fees which are mandatory and some of them are optional. of the registration fees are mandatory and some of them are optional.

To find the breakdown of your fees for the semester, visit our school office.

Where should I submit my payment for registration fees?

You may pay your registration fees for the current term via credit card  or cash in our school office  check in the Enrollment Center or by cash in The Indian Model School. You can mail your payment to:

If you mail or drop off your payment you are responsible for verifying that the payment was posted by print form.

How do I take a class for the pass/no-pass option instead of a grade?

​Not all classes can be taken on a pass/no pass basis. If the class schedule indicates that the course has a “graded ” you may opt to take the course for pass or no-pass instead of a  grade.You must submit your request to the Enrollment Center (Student Records) prior to the Grade Option Request deadline. Visit the grading options page for more information and deadlines.


Contact us at theindianmodelschool@gmail.com or call our office 04252 273333, ,7373777991.


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