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Idea Lab

IDEA Lab provides workshops for all classroom levels with great diciplines

Workshops are aligned with classroom standards and provide a guided project –based approach to learning the concepts.

Enhancing Reading and Math Skills

Improve Concentration and Memory

Fosters logic critical thinking and creativity.

Idea lab can create custom workshop for your classroom based on your needs.

IDEA Lab offers both competitive and non-competitive team options to help students enhance their skills through the concepts of problem solving,strategic thinking, Decision-making and standard mathematics.

The idea lab chess classes and language participate in both competitive and non-competitive and tournaments during the academic year.

What Makes Idea lab best





Each calss and activity are carefully constructed to provide the ultimate Design-Based-learning environment while providing a FUN hands-on experience.

From figuring out mechanics of spaceship engineering using recycled materials to creating scrumptious desserts in our culinary arts series. Our Idea labbers are provided the necessary tools to QUESTION,LEARN and INVENT “ Out- of – Box” Solutions through, arts sciences, Technology and natural paly.

The Idea Lab provides classes, and Activities ranging from cooking school, robotics, 3D arts, science. At Lab we conduct worshops ,Classes. Children learn through Inquisitive hands-on activities utilizing science.Math, Critical-thinking Skills and great of IMAGINATION!


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