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Hostel Facilities 

Our Hostel Facilities:

At our school, learners who are about to begin their academic journey are often both excited and overwhelmed about the forthcoming experience.

We believe that learning at a residential institution seems to be more a privilege that validates responsibility, maturity and academic aptitude.

Enriching Experience

Across the world, there are numerous educational systems that have been witnessing considerable changes. Though most modifications have been aimed at enhancing academic learning and providing an enriching experience to the aspiring learners, the residential facility has also become an added feature in the school infrastructure.

Our residential facilities are centered in the beautiful scenic grounds and are run by a devoted staff. Parents choose boarding as an option for their wards for many reasons. Some register a liking for the extra academic help available to pupils after normal school-hours; some love the concept of raising all-rounder children, whilst others value the security that a boarding environment provides.

Orientation Walk

Before taking in any child, we request the prospective boarders, parents, friends and family to check out our residential facilities, boarding lifestyle and norms by participating in the ‘orientation walks’ through our campus.

One of the best ways to find out more is to interact with the boarders at our residences. As each boarding school has its own rules, expectations, opportunities and facilities, no one will be better able to relate these than the students themselves.


Boarding school is like any other school that has routines which are meant to be followed. Breakfast is served early in the dining hall so that school can begin at 8:30 am sharp. The pupils are served wholesome snacks between their schedule at 11 am and 3:45 pm respectively. A nutritional and delicious lunch is served at 1:30 pm. In the evening, they are allowed to pursue games/sports of their choice. Dinner is served at 8 pm on weekdays and 8.30 pm on weekends.

Weekly Boarding

This facility is unique to our school and has been especially designed for working mothers. It is becoming particularly attractive as an option for busy parents who are looking for the best of both worlds: an excellent education during the week, yet the capacity to spend quality recreational time with their wards on the weekend.


Breaking away from the myth that hostels are meant for the elite and rich category, we have allotted a series of scholarships and bursaries for exceptionally bright students coming from weaker financial backgrounds. We ensure that economics are rarely discussed amid students, so no one ever feels uncomfortable. Our motive is to reach out to maximum learners who have the potential to grow into fine adults.


Our school has hostel properties that offer excellent accommodation, including – single spacious bedrooms, some with quality en-suite facilities, a comfortable well-furnished lounge, games room, a dining hall where breakfast, lunch and dinners are served and a clean and hygienic kitchen.

Our members of staff and the hostel warden stay on campus 24 hours a day to ensure that every child is properly looked after and has an enjoyable, problem-free boarding routine. We understand that it takes a lot of trust and confidence to send your child to live in a dorm setting before college. We endeavor to do our best to raise smart and confident future citizens.

When TIMES   hostel is built  of the lush green school campus. The highly secured hostel offers separate sections for boys and girls from Grade 1 onwards.

The hostel prides itself on aesthetically designed, well-ventilated and spacious rooms for the students. Well sized football ground, swimming pool, skating rink, basketball and tennis court facilitates holistic growth of our resident students. The students are provided with study rooms to pursue their studies after school. We also offer special coaching facilities for hostel students.

Our experienced, caring and approachable staff takes care of our students round the clock. On campus, we have a 24×7 medical facility for all kinds of medical help. Further, we only serve highly nutritive food that is appealing to all palates. We pay special attention to housekeeping and hygiene.


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