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Digital Library uses the existing school -lab computers to transform the school into an e-Learning campus where the school can allow the students to use the animated lessons in batches at their own ease and convenience.

Digital Library is a complete research-based audio-video lesson set of the course content prepared by highly experienced Librarian. Our digital content is rich in animation with clear explanation.Digital Library is a personalised digital learning program for digital libraries of CBSE  schools and serves as digital library and revisionary aid for students within a school.

Some of the key features are

Pre-class study –  With our digital lessons, students are aware of the concepts well before the regular classes. Thus, their learning level goes up and they become more interactive in the class.

Personalised learning –  There is complete focus on individual learning. Students can learn what they want and where they need the learning support most.

Self learning Our digital lessons are very simple and have clear explanation .It helps students learn self without any tutorial support from outside.

Helps slow learners –  With self learning digital lessons,,students who learn slow or are absent due to ill health or chronic diseases can also catch up with the learning fast.

With Digital Library, the school becomes a complete e-Learning center where students learn self, fast and do not need any external tutorial support .It improves the overall brand image, learning level and performance of the school.

Why the Digital Library?

But how? Times Assisting students into D-Library

The successful use of these libraries is contingent on several factors, including the way the screen looks and keywords used for searching. There’s also a strong link between class assignments and student use of libraries. “We are pushing online access, and most of our faculty members are pretty savvy about incorporating this type of research in the curriculum,”

Digital libraries operate at three levels,

The first is any online information.

Second comes specialized collections

Third is an even more narrow collection of papers, research projects, or other materials that may be class-specific, assigned by Teachers.

Teachers can search the site by keywords, grade levels, standards, subjects, and activities to find classroom-tested materials, complete with a list of needed supplies, that they can download and use at anytime.

Our  online library has  12,000 titles of electronic books, journals, newspapers, and other materials, along with links to another 100,000 volumes at libraries throughout the world.

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