Dance is an expressive human movement, which forms an integral part of human life and culture. Through dance, students develop an understanding of its value in their own and other cultures and improving self-awareness.

We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once 

                                                                                                           Friedrich Neitzsche

The Simplest Answer: Dance

English, math and science classes are standard components of school curriculums, but dance deserves a spot in the schedule too.Academics are a sole focus when a child enters a new school year. Whether it’s mathematics, language arts, science or social studies, this is what a student is required to eat, sleep and breathe on a daily basis. Through these core classes, students are expected to excel and show progress throughout the year, but what about those students who want more out of their experience in school than just acing a test? How can someone express themselves in other ways outside of a classroom?

Whether students attend Classic  Western and folk classes at Times shy away from dancing in front of others, teaching dance in schools has significant benefits for children’s personal development. For dance teachers who have only taught at studios, teaching dance in schools provides many rewarding opportunities to positively impact students and the rest of the community.

Why is Teaching Dance in Schools Important?

For many dance instructors, the ability to positively impact the community is one of the biggest reasons to teach dance in schools. Children learn to express their emotions through movement, and the focus that dance demands can help them find greater stability in their lives and form stronger self-identities. On a larger level, students create strong bonds with one another through dance, and parents and faculty are also connected through the dance activities of their children and students.

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TIMES Geared Dance Programs

Our dance programs are geared towards all

Novices Level

Beginners Level

Intermediate Level

Advance Level.

Professional Level

We first teach all our students about the importance of the basics dance structures for  dancing. We pay close attention to each students needs and comfort level. We believe in assisting our students in every way that affords them the ability to learn how to dance with enjoyment and comfort.

We are pleased when students in our group lessons are able to comprehend the lessons at hand yet we do understand that some students may have difficulties with learning or keeping up in a group lesson. Therefore, we provide them with the extra care of attention to help keep them in a progressive state of mind. We believe our entire student body has the right to learn and it is our responsibility to see that they do. Overall, we want you to have fun while learning.

Times School of Dance is here to serve the people with their hopes to either dance in their professional arena or to simply learn how to social dance with anyone. We teach many different styles of dance to our students so that they are able to dance anywhere in the world.

We believe in keeping our students spirits alive and with strong faith that they can dance. We believe in bringing our students comfort level up to a status of confidence. We understand the importance of teaching our students the fundamentals’ of having techniques, standard, structure, understanding the musicality portions of dancing, and bringing their flavor to the dance.

Times School of Dance receives our enjoyment from the looks of joy and expressions that we observe in the faces of our students when they are learning and understanding. Similarly, that joy is the opening of Times’s School of Dance and why it was open. In particular, we enjoy teaching followers and leaders how to follow and lead so that they can dance any dance properly.

Certificatons and Experience

Times  school students in dance and theater classes are taught by instructors who have either an education in their field or a certification to teach dance or Conducting own Classes.

Dance Week” celebrated at TIMES

Talent Shows celebrated at Times

Interschool Dance Champs

Kodai kala Kalvi Vizha

Childs Fest

Kids Carnival-Republic Day

solo and group dance Competitions-Independence day fest

What an exuberant week it was! TIMES  witnessed dancing  talent in myriad forms as it celebrated Dance Week First Week of April 2018.

Students from Pre KG, LKG, UKG enthusiastically participated in the Inter grade ‘Little Champs Dance Competition’  held from  First Week of April   2018 and  Grade Students  had an amazing time swaying and moving their bodies in Solo Dance competition ‘Dance Catechize’  on First Week of April 2018.

Bathed in the amazing rainbow colours of talent , the auditorium of TIMES witnessed a range of dance forms from, Bharatnatyam , Folk , Western to the likes of contemporary songs. Young enthusiasts were excited to be a part of a colorful and vibrant event. Their hands and feet oozed energy and oomph as they twirled , flipped and jumped. Interesting props were also used by children to make their act all the more interesting.

Not only the teachers but also the judges immensely enjoyed the dance moves of our young dances. However, they had a tough time deciding on the winners. The judges who graced the occasion of weeklong Junior grades competition were Parent Association Members .Times  weeklong dance competition  raised the bar of  excitement and talent at TIMES.

Health benefits of dancing

Dancing can be a way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It has a wide range of physical and mental benefits including:

Improved condition of your heart and lungs

Increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness

Increased aerobic fitness

Improved muscle tone and strength

Weight management

Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis

Better coordination, agility and flexibility

Improved balance and spatial awareness

Increased physical confidence

Improved mental functioning

Improved general and psychological wellbeing

Greater self-confidence and self-esteem

Better social skills.




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