Dance Music Rooms


The school is committed to offering a wide range of co-curricular activities and trips that enable students to develop their social, sporting and cultural abilities. We believe these also foster their self-belief. Our goal is to help realize their potential through enjoyment and interest. It is then further honed by caring and involved members of faculty.

At our institution, in both the junior and TIMES sections, Drama is taught as part of the timetabled curriculum and is also offered as a co-curricular activity.

TIMES school students  are staged each year in our high-tech auditorium, giving children a chance to perform in front of parents and fellow students.
In addition to Drama, instrumental-music. A wide range of instruments are offered to the students.

All learners are given an opportunity to achieve an All-Rounder Award, presented at the end of the academic year, which recognises students’ participation in co-curricular activities.

Music for all

Musically minded students are in for a treat at our school. Our Music School has a high-tech stages, two teaching/practice rooms and two full-sized classrooms.

The building features work stations with the most up-to-date computers and software, providing opportunities for innovative compositions and performances. Music is not only a key part of the curriculum for both our sections of the school learners.


The TIMES school has staged several concerts in the past academic years. Performances ranged from concerts devoted to string and brass instruments, to orchestral and specific competitive events.  For instance, our music club and students  choirs have regularly been invited to perform at various community events.


In various Dance clubs at our school, students use their bodies to communicate and express meaning through purposeful movements. Dance practice integrates choreography, performance and appreciation of and responses to dance and dance making.

We are extremely proud to have been honoured with patronage of renowned classical exponents in Bharatnatyam. Our dance programme reflects on a range of creative processes and investigates movement in its historical, social and cultural contexts that allows the flow of creativity.


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