Coaching is seen as a ‘gateway’ role to volunteering and because of its closeness to the game and the association with the team, volunteering in a coaching capacity has huge appeal.

Sports coach:

Our Sports coaches/instructors help children and adults to realise their potential in a sporting discipline through the provision of instruction, advice and encouragement.

Times school sports coaches capablilities / responsibilities:

Teaching relevant skills, tactics and techniques

Monitoring and enhancing performance by providing tuition, encouragement and   constructive feedback

Identifying strengths and weaknesses

Advising about health and lifestyle issues

Developing training programmes

Undertaking administrative tasks

Assisting with sports promotion/development.

Our Sports coaches key skills that include popular sports & Mainstream Sports

Growing coaches

Growing coaches is a leadership programme for times school students who want to coach sport.

Times school giving considerable pressure to provide coaches for a raft of teams over a significant number of sports. Encouraging students to realise their leadership potential through coaching is one way of helping to provide coaches for sport in our school.

Physical fitness

Excellent interpersonal skills

Communication skills

Teamworking skills

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