The Indian Model School Clubs

Leaders from the Pack


Media Club

Media club followed the agenda given by NCERT. Students were given awareness about TV viewing and good media habits by media club members in the assembly through a skit and a quiz.

Peace Club

In this Club various issues related to conflicts were discussed. Issues related to anger-management, road rage, cyber crime, crime against women, Juvenile crimes, were taken up. These were discussed by different groups of students. Power point presentations were also prepared and delivered before the class.

Eco Club

In Eco Club, our students were made aware of an eco-friendly atmosphere in school and various eco friendly measures were adopted in school. Students put up presentations during assembly time. Club Assures  making students and teachers aware that the school area is a polythene free area.

Heritage Club

Heritage club encourages students to know about their rich heritage. This year students did research work on Indian costumes and jewellery (iron, ivory, bones etc.) of different states and on Indian Temples. Puppet making from waste materials was taught to the students.

Presentation and information on evaluation of newspaper in India was done by the students. The club also organised skits on popular historical events like Revolt of 1857 and heritage of India.

Maths Club

At Times students will witness mind blowing after-school sessions that will leave them ‘wowed’ and amazed.Math Lab provides mega-fun maths learning sessions with a different theme each week.

Each week has a single, one hour session and covers a variety of educational topics in a fun and exciting way. Each week there are three different activities that your child will take part in. These activities are based around mega fun games, puzzles and tricks.


Works according to the National Curriculum.

Helps your child practice and develop their maths skills.

Improves your child’s confidence with maths.

Literacy Club

Literary club is committed to tap the effective communication talent among the students; club is poised to enable the talents with cutting edge.

Club’s Aim 

The club aims to foster a love for language, enhance literary creativity and provide an avenue for self-expression beyond the school curriculum. 

Club’s Objective

To develop and hone the literary skills of the students, club inspires the students to develop a taste for literature and also worksin the direction ofeducating their spoken and written language. It is intricate in a variety of activities aimed at building up the confidence and grooming the talents of students in facing various interpersonal activities and competitions. 

Club’s activity

The club has initiated competitions in extempore, essay writing, creative writing, poetry writing, debate, elocution, skit, quiz and reading to enhance the speech and oratorical skills. 

Health Club

Health & Wellness Clubs in schools can favorably influence the habits’, attitude and
knowledge relating to an individual and community. These clubs can modify our behaviour
towards the attainment of optimum health. Physical Education caters to provide physical
fitness which an important component of wellness. Schools can also introduce clubs like
Dance club, Aerobic club, yoga, swimming, obesity, weight gain club, wellness, cuisine clubs,
laughter club, Nutritional Educational club etc.

Sleeping 7-8 hours every night
Eating breakfast everyday
Not eating between meals
Abstaining from sweets and fats
Maintaining ideal body weight

Road Safety Club

Road safety club aims at giving valuable tips to save and sustain life on roads. According to them ‘Safety is not just a slogan, it’s a way of life. Safe and efficient use of traffic norms were taught to students through Power point presentations and discussions.

IT Club

This club aims at increasing creativity of students and use their artistic skills to create digital art, animations, videos and movies.

Environment & Disaster Management Club

The Environment and Disaster Management Club strives to create awareness of the need for environment preservation and sustainable use of natural resources, To achieve this aim, it will undertake practical projects such as paper recycling, fire drills, plantation drives, power conservation measures, waste utilization workshop and environmental surveys.

Quiz Club

Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is power” General Knowledge contributes to personal enrichment and a better understanding of the world as whole. The quiz club will help foster a desire for knowledge and boost confidence among the children. The children will be taught to use the resources in library and the internet. It will also provide a platform for students to participate in inter school quiz competitions.

Dance Club

TIMES  Dance club is designed to complement the curricular offerings in Music, Arts  It is geared towards the physical as well as the social development of its members.

Through this organization the children’s talents in dancing preferably WESTER and CLASSIC are enhanced.

Students gain better understanding of the use of their bodies. Correct attitudes are developed through their interactions with other members of the club.

Through this club, students are provided opportunities for healthful relaxation and recreation, grace and rhythm, coordination of body movements, maintenance of fitness and body posture, and proper body mechanics.

The Dance Club Aims To

arouse interest and enhance the children’s talents in dancing

Classic and Western Dance

update children with the modern trends in dancing and for fitness and body coordination;

reinforce the children’s healthy and social relationships with other members of the club; and

provide healthful forms of relaxation and recreation.




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