Air Conditioned Classrooms:



Times classrooms are  ample space conducive to providing appropriate learning environments for students and associated with increased student engagement and learning.

Classroom space is particularly relevant with the current emphasis on 21st century learning such as ensuring students can work in teams, problem solve, and communicate effectively. Classrooms with adequate space to reconfigure seating arrangements facilitate the use of different teaching methods that are aligned to 21st century skills.

Creating private study areas as well as smaller learning centers reduces visual and auditory interruptions, and is positively related to student development and achievement.

Classrooms are spacious and well ventilated. Each classroom is equipped with latest technology – interactive boards and proper project display areas for ensuring an exciting and pleasant study environment.

For the comfort of students, each room has its own note book racks  providing a perfect storage solution for student’s books and class related works.

Learning Rooms.

The faculty members use every technology tool at their disposal to foster a rich and varied learning environment in the learning rooms. This includes star digital boards, audiovisual systems, the Internet, and educational CDs.

Every learning room also has a  display and writing boards, custom made furniture and air conditioning.


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