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Founder & Correspondent’s Message 



             I feel great delight to state that our institution trusts in CBSE Vision and encompass our motto  .             Besides, it has been a mission in my life to make high quality education available, accessible, through means that the latest educational technology offers, most importantly, affordable to common people resides in tirupur district.

             The Indian model school has been an institution for a new cohort of ideal trendsetters, who will continue to surface our nation’s way for superior and intelligent prospects.

            Our students as a result of our education represent the promise of what the children of today fetch to the future. Our shcool has a keen group of teachers and parents who work closely and believe that they are a critical part of the success of our students.

            We have fashioned a learning society where students, parents, and staff are proud to be an indian. I extend my  wholehearted wish for every child to enjoy success in all good activities.

           We give the best education so that our students can go build a better India, and a better world.May all you have a blessed life and will become men of values. You will become the change you want to see elsewhere. I storongly Believe   

                        “Great Schools are built on Great teachers not great Buildings”

Your future prosphers at TIMES.  Jai Hind.

                                                                                                                  V.Ashokkumar M.B.A., M.S.,
                                                                                                                   The Indian Model School.



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