If your child is an elite athlete, though, you may want to enrol him or her in a specialized sports oriented school. Times schools also offer more competitive sports programs, such as inter-school competitions. This school has focusing  sports as a major focus, combining this with a focus on core academics.

We focus & offer intensive training, practice, and competitions (sometimes daily), which prepare your child to compete with the best of the best. They may even help pave the way for a professional sports career,and paving to all india major sports organizations.

This includes excellent hockey, soccer, badminton,Table tennis schools, many of which we list on our websites.

Moreover, Times school offer special accomodations for elite athletes. For instance, they may offer flexible course schedules to accommodate training in or out of school. They may also offer small classrooms, special programs, academic counselling, and tutoring, to accommodate elite athletes.

Many high-level, specialized sports programs in times school are at the secondary level, in secondary and middle school sports. In addition to we are giving elementary sports also.

Benefits of Times Sport Programs

A school with a sports program can be a great option for your child. It can be the perfect way for them to hone their skills, challenge themselves, and achieve their best. Why? For starters, they tend to have dedicated coaches and high expectations. They also often have better practice facilities and equipment.

These schools aren’t just about sports, though. They offer the right balance of academics and athletics.

Overall, our school has plenty of benefits. Times school offers your child a strong combination of athletics and academics. It will also allow him or her to mature in a unique environment.

Experienced and dedicated coaches

Competitive and recreational competitions

Improved health and fitness

Dedication and discipline

Well-rounded education

Strong academics

Preparation for long sports career

Preparation for life after school


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