Atheletic Volunteer Oppurtunities

Atheletic Volunteer Oppurtunities

Volunteers and officials

At the heart of volunteering in sport are generosity of self , love of sport ,social connection ,appreciation.Without volunteers, including officials, sport at a local level wouldn’t exist.Times school ensures the continued involvement of volunteers, it’s important to understand their motivations for becoming a volunteer and staying involved.

Parents,friends and sports heros are the primary influencers on the sporting choices of students. Engagement with parents, clubs to collaboratively support students is essential to them continuing to play sport. By involving parents and family in the school sport planning process as well as the delivery of sport, strong connections are formed between schools and families.

The roles that parents/friends could have include: spectator and supporting their students from the sideline – often the sideline is the only connection the school may have with parents so it can be a good opportunity to engage with them .

Administering and running sport as volunteers . Transporting students to sports competitions and events . Encouraging backyard play to establish a love of sport and develop skills.

Growing coaches

Growing coaches is a leadership programme for times school students who want to coach sport.Times school giving considerable pressure to provide coaches for a raft of teams over a significant number of sports. Encouraging students to realise their leadership potential through coaching is one way of helping to provide coaches for sport in our school.

Teachers and School Personnel

Teachers are increasingly less involved with school sport but are still an important resource to consider when looking for volunteers and support.

Other sport personnel can include the physical education teacher,Sports coordinators, sports administrators,Sports assistants and the teacher in charge (TIC) of sport.

Our schools formally allocate responsibility for school sport to a member of staff. Some recognise staff members’ leadership in that area with management units and others rely on the school sport coordinator to tackle school sport functions.


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