Art and Crafts Room

Art and Craft Rooms

We offer a rich and diverse array of non-academic pursuits aimed at enabling our pupils to uncover new talents and interests and develop those that exist already. With its cosmopolitan atmosphere, our school with its modern architecture provides an inspirational setting for any artist. We foster our pupils’ originality and ingenuity that takes full advantage and allows them to express their creative urges.

State-Of-The Art Equipment

Pupils’ study in art focuses on both the meaning and form. By actively creating works of their own, they enhance the skills of imagining, reflecting, seeing and feeling in art. By working with various media, it expands their ability to invent and experiment.

Our art room are well-equipped with sturdy easels, paint brushes in all shapes and sizes, wooden spoons, paint-knives, sandpaper, clay, spreaders, sponges and all the other required items for crafts.

Not just a part of the Curriculam

Art & Design isn’t just a part of the timetabled curriculum, it is offered to both the elementary and secondary as a co-curricular activity, with an art club taking place on Saturday mornings.

Artwork On Display

Our school hosts two art exhibitions every year. In this, the work of the pupils is made available for public viewing. We showcase the colorful paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, prints and carvings produced by the students in all year groups.

The exhibitions take place in the two impressive art studios. Even when the events aren’t taking place, a walk around these inspiring spaces reveals the creativity of our pupils.

Enrichment Workshops in design, Sculpting , Craft & Art

We strive to make the school a vibrant, engaging and a creative place for learners to develop their particular interest or skill. With the best faculty, excellent facilities and good quality resources, we expand on each child’s creative talents, enabling him/her to become an independent thinker and an imaginative creator.

These sessions are conducted under the tutelage of renowned artists, designers and sculptors. They intend to evolve pupils’ visual communication skills and aesthetic awareness, as well as expanding their analytical and conceptual understanding of all forms of art. Through workshops, we endeavor to balance traditional approaches with the more contemporary; valuing the role of drawing, painting, printing and sculpture while embracing new media, such as digital art and installation. Drawing is a skill on which we place great emphasis, along with the exploration of renowned artists’ work, allowing a greater understanding of history, culture and tradition.


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