Prefectorial Body


Times school understand democracy as something that gives the governing bodies the same chance as the governed bodies .

Times has an effective prefectorial system that empowers students to develop appropriate skills, attitudes and values. Prefects are chosen through a democratic and intensive process involving nominations and a series of interviews with the Head of School and senior management team.

Prefects have a three-fold responsibility to be student leaders, to be worthy role models and also act as cultural ambassadors of the School. It is a privileged opportunity for young leaders of tomorrow to learn the ropes of leadership, maintain discipline and appropriate ethos among the student community.

At Times, the prefectorial body constitutes 21 members under different disciplines. It has the following hierarchy i.e School appointments , Activities , Sports , Academic , Dining hall prefects. The School appointments comprise Head Boy, Head Girl, Junior Head boy, Junior Head Girl, Academic , Sports, Events. Besides these there is a Sports Captain and a Cultural Captain. Prefects are mentored by senior staff members including the Principal. School provides them with training and also opportunities for interaction with professionals who can inspire and guide them to be good leaders.

Prefect Position Student Names
Head GirlNitheka.A
Vice Head GirlHemalatha
Junior Head Girl
Head Boy
Vice Head Boy
Junior Head Boy
Presidenct – Student Council
Vice President – Student Council
Prefect - Academics
Vice Prefect Academics
Junior Prefect Academics
Sports Captain – Girls
Sports Captain – Boys
Prefect Activities
Vice Prefect Activities
Vice Prefect Academics
Junior Prefect Academics
Prefect Sports
Vice Prefect Sports
Junior Prefect Sports
Vice Prefect Event Management
Junior Prefect Event Management
Prefect Dining Hall
Vice Prefect Dining Hall


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