Lab Laboratories – Adding Interest to the Subject

is often perceived as complicated and even boring.  At our school, learning   is super fun!  It is a place to explore, enjoy and also understand the responsibility of treating equipment and chemicals with the care and attention they deserve.  Learning methods, facilities and the faculty here prove that the subject can be interesting and easy to learn.

Encourages Learning with Curiosity

Each of our science subjects has a separate laboratory.  The   lab is fully equipped to ensure that students are in touch with all the latest developments and techniques in this realm.

The environment and setting of the lab nurture the intuitive and inquisitive minds of the children and enhance their zest to make scientific enquiries.  The teachers and the highly trained lab staff provide an atmosphere conducive to learning not just in theory but by applying it practically.

The Importance of Safety

Our teachers and staff are well trained in the safety procedures necessary in the laboratory.  Health and safety are given paramount importance in our school. Students are taught about this aspect before they get down to conducting experiments.  They are taught to prevent mishaps and deal with them effectively in case of an inadvertent error resulting in an emergency.

Anyone who enters the lab must wear protective gear like safety goggles, lab coats, mouth masks and gloves.  We ensure that the equipment and chemicals are checked at regular intervals and all defective materials are instantly disposed off.

Students are coached on being alert and must inform the lab assistant or the staff on duty of any imminent hazard or risky chemical spills.  Everyone is taught to use the safety, emergency as well as the fire fighting equipment so that accidents are prevented.


Practicing the Study of Living Organisms

Our school is renowned for instilling discipline and affecting every aspect of a student’s life. We strive to teach our children from a real life perspective and therefore take special interest in educating them in science.

As a subject, science includes the observation, deployment and understanding of actual materials and objects. To ensure that students practice what they learn, we have separate laboratories and this portion will talk about the Central Lab laboratory.

The laboratory is well-structured, airy, spacious, well-lit and replete with all the required equipments and tools. The materials are in abundance to allow each child to freely explore the secrecies of living organisms and sort out theoretical difficulties through experimentation.

In our attempt to provide a well-rounded scope of this subject, students are also taken on trips around the school and parks to better grasp the peculiarities of the flora and fauna.

Our little ones, in the primary section, are especially thrilled each time they are taken for these educational trips. The school’s head-gardener supplies the Central Lab laboratory with plants and insects for scrutiny.

Students engage in lively and interesting experiments like grafting, germination process and chromatography in this lab. Dissection of plants and vegetables is received with much enthusiasm as students get to use microscopes and other equipment that they would not normally use to view the living world.


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