Parent Volunteers


The “Parent Volunteers (PV) is an active, essential part of our TIMES community. The PV supports and enhances the TIMES student and community life through voluntary work for our school Culture. It exists as a separate and non-profit entity within the TIMES community and supports both the Primary and Secondary Schools. All parents can join the Parent Volunteer.

The goals of our PV are to:

Develop a closely knit TIMES Community

Provide voluntary and financial support to the school through hosting and supporting various events

Support new families as they relocate and learn about life at TIMES and in their host city and country

Parent Volunteer Activities

The Parent Volunteers host a variety of activities throughout the school year. Amongst these are dances for both Primary and Secondary students, social events for parents, and International Day, an annual event celebrating cuisine and the highlight of the year for many.

Notification and specifics for all events can be found in the Newsflash and on the website calendar. The PV further serves the TIMES community by organizing room parents for each Primary School class and coordinating the Welcome Family Program.

Welcome Family Program

The Welcome Family Program connects families new to TIMES and Bonn to current families with a similar cultural background and/or children of the same age. Volunteer families act as welcoming contacts who offer support and guidance.

When new families are registered at the school, they will be contacted by the coordinators of the program to see if they are interested in this service. If so, they will be contacted by a volunteer family who can help them during their transition to a new school and new home.

Whether you are new here and wish to have a smooth transition, or wish to support our new families, as someone who feels they know their way around, please feel free to get in touch.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact our Welcome Family coordinators.


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